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Haquoss/Hailea Chiller cooler - Model HC-500A

Haquoss/Hailea Chiller cooler - Model HC-500A
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Price: 679,99Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Haquoss/Hailea Chiller cooler - Model HC-500A

General Information:

This type of cooler is the result of detailed studies and to continue research in technology for cooling water.
The temperature of the water (for aquariums from 100lt to 2500lt capacity) can be maintained quickly and economically with the use of chillers HAILEA HC series.
All models are equipped with exchangers in pure titanium, and you can use in both freshwater and in seawater.
The building was designed to make the silent cooler during operation: this is a unique. The digital display allows the maintenance of constant temperature. ABS bodywork and / or aluminum makes the refrigerator during the operation stable and immune to vibration caused by the same and it is built to withstand any corrosion caused by salt water and than.
The HC series uses R134A refrigerant gas, harmless to the environment.

Features of the machine:

1. System controlled by a micro-computer for easy programming and use.
2. High capacity cooling water. The machine is able to lower the temperature of 4 °C in no time.
3. The high-quality condenser in the refrigeration is produced by AMERICAN OAK.
4. Using the gas is not harmful to the environment.
5. Titanium Evaporator.
6. The machine is accompanied by an internal safety switch to automatically turn off the engine coolant system when it is overuse in order to avoid damage to, the aquarium and to the surrounding environment.
7. The machine adopts a system of storing the temperature set to chill to when the car turns off automatically to overuse does not lose the previous programming.



220/240 V
50 Hz
2.4 A
1/2 HP – 400 Watt
Water temperature before use
Chilling time
20 ore
"Performance" for aquarium up to 500LT **
"Performance" for aquarium up to 1000LT **
Type of gas
Amount of gas
260 gr
Recommended pump
da 1200 a 3000 lt/h
475x360x490h mm

Technical Data
** This figure and 'variable. Figures in table are for closed aquarium lighting with neon lamps.
The benefit increases by 40% in case of a glass aquarium with glass.
The benefit decreases by 40% for open and an aquarium of 60% for open and an aquarium lit by HQI lamps (metal halide).




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