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Guide algae seawater - Julian Sprung ( FREE PRODUCT )

Guide algae seawater - Julian Sprung ( FREE PRODUCT )
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Guide algae seawater - Julian Sprung


Guide to solving problems of algae in sea water.

Environmental conditions in any type of algae, phytoplankton or cyanobacterium can 'bloom explosively and become a problem. In the book Julian Sprung focuses on those who do commonly identified with the Latin and common names and photographs that show the typical appearance, in some cases highlighting important features observable under a microscope.

For any kind are indicated possible control measures to overcome the negative aspects associated with sudden bloom. A combination of management practices to be matched to place-specific herbivorous aquarium fish. Sooner or later all aquarists run into problems due to algae. Resolve them, managing to control their anomaloi development, can be a real test of their qualities as patience and intelligence. If you're at the point of giving up because your expensive aquarium has an uncontrollable growth of algae that makes you mad, resist! Read this book and follow the instructions.

Author: Julian Sprung
Pages: 80 pages in color
Size: 18x20, 5 paperback
Language: Italian

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