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Flexi Mini HCRI LED SP

Flexi Mini HCRI LED SP
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Available Options
Flexi Mini HCRI LED SP BlackFlexi Mini HCRI LED SP Black
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
77,90Euro [TaxInc]
Flexi Mini HCRI LED SP SilverFlexi Mini HCRI LED SP Silver
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
77,90Euro [TaxInc]

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Cree LED ceiling for nanoacquari planted

Flexi-M is a 'company founded to design lighting systems for specific professional LED aquarium. Each product Flexi-M uses
the most powerful and advanced technologies in the field of LED lighting.

Flexi Mini, combining the 'exclusive LED technology and a full spectrum ideal for planted tanks (HCRI LED Flexi-mini SP) and' eye-catching design made with aluminum alloy used in 'aerospace industry, can significantly improve the production of chlorophyll and anthocyanins so like coloring of the inhabitants of the tank.

Its high efficiency rate allows you to save up to '80% compared to traditional light fixtures.


Flexi Mini is a product of the fruit of the new LED technology; It is made of an aluminum alloy used even in 'aerospace industry characterized by a' high strength / weight ratio; It uses an innovative process to manufacture CNC; all in order to realize a ceiling light attractive design and at the same practice of handling thanks to the system of horizontal rotation which allows to rotate the arm of the light fixture freeing the space above the bath in order to facilitate to the maximum the operations of ordinary maintenance.


In order to ensure the best possible visual experience, have been performed hundreds of tests which have led to triple, compared to the other products in the same category, brilliance thanks to the 'exclusive technology HCRI which adds to the
technology CRI' s 85% more of visible light output to 'human eye. This allows it to faithfully recreate the light conditions ideal for any aquatic creature; no other LED lighting is able to provide the 'visual experience of Flexi Mini.

LED technology HCRI SP Flexi Mini far exceeds that of classic fluorescent tubes (T5 and T8); with its unique technology HPAR, Flexi Mini Silver Haze 's experience light of traditional fluorescent lamps with energy-saving technology of the latest generation of LED. May issue a length d 'wave full spectrum highly faithful to the natural characteristics of sunlight. In comparison to traditional fluorescent tubes, LED Flexi Mini HCRI SP can produce a PAR raddopiato and tripled production of anthocyanins that allow more experienced aquarists as well as novice users to grow aquatic plants in a nano aquarium with the same ease with which they grow in an aquarium larger.

Technical specifications:

HCRI SP LED technology with 18 LED 0.4W each
color temperature 7000 ° K
675 lumens brightness
angle lens 120 degrees
50000 hour lifetime
AC Power: 100-240V / 50-60Hz DC: 12V 800mA
consumption 8w
waterproof IP24
working temperature of -25 ° C- + 35 ° C
dimensions: mm237x122x8h
for baths of 10 to 30 liters

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