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Fauna Marin
Fauna Marin
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Fauna Marin Ultra Min F 100 ml

Fauna Marin Ultra Min F 100 ml
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Price: 15,75Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Particulate base for coral, sea fans and small fish such as gobies and anthias.

ULTRA MIN F is essential for the feeding of sea fans and corals non-photosynthetic and for small fish eaters of plankton.
In addition to feed fish and corals ULTRA MIN F has an antiparasitic effect against intestinal parasites of fish, and thanks to the large amount of carotenoids can develop significantly the colors of small fish and coral.
From individually used for the feeding of fish, and in combination with SEAFAN ULTRA and ULTRA MIN S for feeding the LPS corals.


Take a tip of a spoon from you and pour it directly into the tub in a strong current position. Add a small quantity and more times a day.

Dosage for corals:

to be used in combination with ULTRA SEAFAN in doses of 50% ULTRA MIN F and 50% ULTRA SEAFAN more the use of ULTRA MIN S so as to obtain a slurry not too dense.


Protein 55%, fat 14%, Fibre 3.3%, 8% Plankton, Vitamin A 118,870 IE, IE Vit D 1,915, 364 mg vitamin E, vitamin C 568 mg, vitamin K 3 20mg, 10mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 25mg , 10mg vitamin B6, vitamin B12 mg. antioxidants.

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