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EQUO Scudo 100ml - Mix Of Essential Oligo-Elements For Discus

EQUO Scudo 100ml - Mix Of Essential Oligo-Elements For Discus
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Price: 8,94Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: EQUO Scudo 100ml - Mix Of Essential Oligo-Elements For Discus



Protective and fortifying solution


SCUDO, a protective and fortifying solution for fish and invertebrates’ mucosa


It contains: Aloe Vera extract, in which have been found multiple benefits. Polivinilpirrolidone (PVP), a substance with good healing properties, and iodine, indicated in all situations where stress has a negative influence on the wellbeing of the fish and invertebrates.


Aloe Vera maintains the integrity of the delicate layer of mucosa that cover the fish and if damaged, contribute to its healing thanks to the presence of muco-polysaccharides which enter the mucosa, in particular glucomannan.


Chromones have been in Aloe, molecules that protect the skin because it improves tropism, and along with PVP it helps the healing process of wounds by stimulating the epithelia. Aloe Vera, because of its richness in acemannani, helps reinforce its defence mechanism. It also contains vitamins A, C and E which contain a high level of antioxidants.


With its richness in ‘soap-like’ substances, Aloe Vera, reduces the chance of bacterial contamination as well as viral bacteria and micosis. Bacterial pathologies and illnesses are reduced by the bacterial activity of the iodine.


SCUDO conditions salt water, making it suitable for flora and fauna in the tank, strengthening and defending the fish and invertebrates, making them more resistant to external assault. Its use is indicated in all stressful situations for fish and invertebrates, for example, during and after the transportation phase, in case of abrasions, water changes or added inhabitants in the aquarium.


With the use of SCUDO, fish and invertebrates, even the most delicate, won’t have any problems “settling in”.




Aloe vera, PVP, iodine, potassium iodide




Setting up: 5ml per 20litres of water


Water change: 5ml per 20litres of new water




pour the amount of osmosis water desired into a container, pour in the required dose of SCUDO and after a couple of minutes add the sea salt. If you are preparing fresh water, add LINFA (a mix of demineralised salts fresh water). Activate a movement pump and thermo heater in order to have a homogeneous distribution of the salt and temperature required.


SCUDO does not eliminate the metals reintegrated from the sea salt as they are important elements found in seawater.


If you need to use tap water, it must be treated with a bio conditioner DIAMANTE , which will take away the chlorine and metals present.


Content:100ml e


All of Équo’s products have been tested in a laboratory

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