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EQUO Salino K 150ml - Potassium Supplement

EQUO Salino K 150ml - Potassium Supplement
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Price: 17,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: EQUO Salino Ca 150ml - Calcium Supplement enriched with Sr & Mo



In recent years, with continual technological development, even in our sector, we have witnessed the proliferation of more and more modern and sophisticated technology. This technology has allowed us to create conditions of total well-being for our animals (filters which are more and more efficient, lights which are a perfect imitation of sunlight, water which is circulated by computerized systems) and the ability to create an environment which permits reproduction, development and improved growth of many marine invertebrates, even those species which are considered difficult to breed.
Technology alone, however, is not enough and it is necessary to combine it with the use of supplements, which create chemical conditions comparable to those found in nature, consenting a dosage of mineral salts and trace elements, which are regularly consumed by the inhabitants of the aquarium during metabolic processes.
Equo, in order to compensate for the lack of these salts, has created a line of products which are specifically for marine aquariums…. accurate in its choice of components, in the quality of materials, its practicality in use and above all in its effectiveness.
With a concentration of 350-410mg/l in the marine aquarium, Potassium represents the fourth most abundant element after Sodium, Magnesium and Calcium; it carries out a fundamental role in the coral’s biology, being part of the majority of its vital functions. Potassium is particularly invaluable for the regulation of the water content in the cells and the organisms’ osmotic pressure as well as playing a fundamental role in chromo-protein synthesis.
SALINO K has been developed by Equo to allow for the maintenance of an optimal concentration of Potassium, even in barrier aquariums, rich in corals and calcareous algae, where there is an elevated absorption by the organisms themselves.
Besides favouring the growth of the coral, SALINO K, stimulating the chromo-protein synthesis, contributes to making the colours brighter and more intense, resulting particularly effective for the hard corals such as Montipore, Stylopore e Seriatopore. It is necessary to follow the dosages indicated below, as an overdose could favour a proliferation of algae and cianobacteria .
Osmosis water, Borax, Potassium, other trace elements.
Administer 1ml SALINO K for every 100 l of aquarium water, daily, until the optimal value of 360/380 mg/l is reached.
After which, administer 0.5 ml three times a week, testing the level of Potassium periodically, increasing or decreasing the dosage in order to maintain the optimal value of 360/380 mg/l.

Content :  150ml - 300ml - 500ml e 5lt e

Equo products are tested in laboratory

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