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EQUO Remover NO3 1000ml - Polymer For The Reduction Of Nitrate And Phosphates

EQUO Remover NO3 1000ml - Polymer For The Reduction Of Nitrate And Phosphates
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Price: 44,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: EQUO Remover NO3 1000ml - Polymer For The Reduction Of Nitrate And Phosphates



Polymer for the reduction of Nitrate and Phosphates

The excessive rise in the levels of nitrates and phosphates due to nutritive substances is one of the
main problems linked to the maintenance of an aquarium. Both nitrates and phosphates are
chemical compounds present in nature, but a high concentration in the water can be harmful to
coral and other invertebrates. Nitrates and phosphates feed many forms of algae and there high
concentration in the aquarium promotes the proliferation (algae bloom). REMOVER NO3 is an
efficient method to reduce nitrates and phosphates in the tank. The pellets of which it is formed,
creates a substrate which is preferred by this aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, which use nitrates
and phosphates as nutrition, in this way, nitrates and phosphates are immobilized on the
REMOVER NO3 pellets and thereby removed from the tank. REMOVER NO3 can therefore be put
in a Canister filter or a well aerated fluid Reactor, without any side effects for the organisms
present in the aquarium: REMOVER NO3 in fact, is made up of naturally biodegradable polymeric
material. The surplus of bacteria which is formed on the pellets can then be eliminated using a
skimmer placed at the outlet of the filter. As REMOVER NO3 is used as nutrition by the bacteria
colonies which grow on the surface of the pellets, it is slowly degraded in the aquarium, when the
initial level of pellets has visibly decreased it is necessary to add another dose. In order to assess
the optimal dose of REMOVER NO3 according to the specific functions of your aquarium
(dimension, density and types of fish and invertebrates) in the initial phase it is necessary to
monitor the level of nitrates and phosphates frequently once REMOVER NO3 has started working
(typically 2-4 weeks). It is, however, important to underline that REMOVER NO3 cannot be
overdosed, as the number of colonies formed on the REMOVER NO3 pellets depends on the
concentration of the nutrients (nitrates and phosphates) and is regulated by this.


Organic, biodegradable Polymer


Insert REMOVER NO3 (indicatively 50gr in 100l), in a basket filter or fluid bed and add when the
initial level visibly decreases or the nitrate/phosphate levels rise. In the case of raised levels at the
beginning due to undesirable species (e.g. Nitrate concentration > 20 ppm) it is necessary to
introduce REMOVER NO3 in steps, that is, starting with a smaller quantity (25-50% of the final
volume of the filter), thereafter increasing the dose after 4-5 days. For the activation we advise the
use of the biological activator BIO-EXTRA. A slight murkiness of the water in the first two days of
treatment with REMOVER NO3 in the tank depends on the bacterial bloom, and is not to be
considered a problem.


Store the product in a cool dry place. Product is not destined for fish breeding for human
consumption. Equo reserves the right to change the product without prior warning. Equo does not
respond to damage caused to things, animals or people due to improper use of the product. Equo
products are tested in laboratories.

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