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EQUO Nuance 100ml - colour activator for corals

EQUO Nuance 100ml - colour activator for corals
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Price: 12,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: EQUO Nuance 100ml - colour activator for corals



In marine aquariums the natural colours of the SPS (Small Polyp Stony) corals, seen in nature, are often compromised by an excess of zooxanthelle (unicellular symbiotic algae) on its surface. As all algae, zooxanthelle transforms solar radiation in chemical energy through photosynthesis, producing organic molecules, sugar, fats and oxygen which are an important nutriment for the corals themselves. The algae also represents an effective protection for the corals from light radiation. The zooxantelle, however, are characteristically brown in colour and when they are too abundant on the corals they overshadow and prevent the natural coloration of the corals’ surface. Favorable conditions for the excessive growth of zooxanthelle are linked to a high concentration of nutrients in the water. NUANCE controls and reduces the density of zooxanthelle on the SPS corals.
Gradually reducing the concentration of zooxanthelle, the coral will develop alternative protection for the light radiation. In particular, the coral will produce a series of pigments on its surface, ‘chromo-proteins’, which give it a characteristic colouring (blue, pink, red, green etc). To aid this delicate synthesis of the chromo-proteins and to supply the coral with necessary mineral salts we advise the combined use of SALINO K and SALINO B together with NUANCE. It is important to underline that with the reduction of zooxanthelle, an important nutriment for the coral, there will be a decrease in the metabolism of the corals themselves. It will be necessary to compensate for this lack of nutrition providing the polyps of the coral with specific food like MENU’ CORALLI, and MENU’ PLANKTON. Due to the fact that the symbiosis between the polyps and zooxanthelle have a biological balance, we advise the use of NUANCE only to the expert aquarists
Osmosis water, Borax, Potassium. Copper, Cobalt, Nickel e Chrome present in traces.
Add 1ml of NUANCE per 100litres of aquarium water every 8-10 days. If possible with lights out.
ATTENTION: Do not, for any reason, exceed the advised dosage! As with many mineral salts present in nature and essential for aquatic organisms’ metabolism, NUANCE in its pure form is highly toxic for fish and corals, while diluted to the correct proportions carries out a fundamental role in the activation of colours without negative effects on your aquarium.

Content : 150 ml e

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