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EQUO Florido K7 150ml - Potassium Supplement - Professional Line

EQUO Florido K7 150ml - Potassium Supplement - Professional Line
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Price: 11,33Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: EQUO Florido K7 150ml - Potassium Supplement



Potassium is one of the most necessary element for the development and growth of plants, making up, in fact, 1% of the weight of the plants (calculated dry), and is second only to nitrogen. Even if it doesn’t contribute to the formation of fundamental biological elements like proteins, glucose or chlorophyll, Potassium is invaluable for the regulation of physiological processes, such as:
• Activating over 80 enzymes which participate in photosynthesis and protein, glucose and lipid synthesis
• The regulation of osmotic processes in the cellular cytoplasm and therefore the turgidity of the cells which play and important role in the whole plant.
• The semi-permeability of the cellular membranes.
• The regulation of the acid-base balance.
Typical symptoms of lack of Potassium is the difficulty of new leaf growth, remaining very small, the formation of small holes with consequential blackened areas, or the yellowing of the leaf blades and the reduction in their thickness until they become transparent.
In the water used for the creation of an aquarium or in the periodic water change, either with tap water or osmotic water, Potassium is lacking, if not completely absent. The risk is therefore high and it is advisable to reintegrate this mineral salt.
FLORIDO K7, is a liquid supplement of Potassium, developed by Equo to keep it active in a pH range which goes from 4 to 9.
FLORIDO K7 is invaluable to have a healthy and rich growth of plants and for intense natural leaf colours.
We advise the combined use of FLORIDO K7, with FLORIDO G30 and FLORIDO G7, and, in aquariums which have a very dense vegetation (such as Dutch) , with fertilization with CO2, the combination of FLORIDO G7+ and FLORIDO H24+.
Osmosis water, Potassium, microelements .
Use 5ml every 50 litres of water weekly. One capful is 5ml.

Content : 125ml - 150ml - 300ml - 500ml e 5lt e

Equo products are tested in laboratory

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