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Elos Wheat Germ 100ml

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Price: 12,79Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Elos Wheat Germ 100ml


General Information:

While we are used While we are used to change our diet day by day, our aquarium' fishes are usually fed with the same food for long period. When we come to the need to feed our fish, unless we own a densely planted aquarium, or aquarium with high oxidizing filters (trickle filters) or, in case of maine aquaria, an aquarium mainly populated by macro algae or soft corals where high level of nutrients is not a discriminant factor, we are faced to the need to introduce into our aquarium few fishes.
It is well known that, in an aquarium populated by a lot of fish, it is nevertheless important to avoid the need of medicine treatment to keep also the bacteria population of the filter in perfect conditions.
Details that should be considered once choosing the food for our fish.

Scientifically formulated to permit the variation of the diet, made using selected ingredients Elos Wheat Germ, is an high-quality food dedicated to gold fishes species, Ranchu, Oranda, as well as to the most valuable and delicate species of fresh water as well as marine. A food that will provide a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins, and pigments necessary for healthy development and coloration. It contains an abundance of high-grade shrimp/krill meal and protein.
Highly palatable and nutritionally complete, it provides a balanced blend of proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth and healthy development of your most valuable fish.


  • High natural astaxanthin pigment levels:to enhance fish colors
  • Superior nutritional profiles: excellent amino acid profile, high levels of highly unsaturated fatty acids, etc.
  • Improved digestibility and palatability
  • High quality pack: to reduce need of preservative implementing low PO4 level
  • Potent flavourant/feed attractant: resulting in improved feed uptake and Food Conversion Ratios (FCRs)

The aluminium packaging of Elos SV fish food range has been developed to protect the food from external influences that could decrease the quality damaging the nutritional value.

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