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Elos Terra Natural Soil Medium Black 5 Litri

Elos Planta 1 250ml
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Price: 32,69Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Elos Earth Natural Medium Black Soil 5 Liters - Black Earth Allofana

Sterile substrate natural
Encourages rooting and growth of tropical aquatic plants
It helps to lower the KH and GH
Keeps the water crystal clear
Creates an ideal breeding of bottom fish and crayfish

User Mode
1. Cover the bottom of the aquarium with a layer of ElosTerra. Given an aquarium densely populated by plants, it is suggested to use as initial layer ElosMineralBottom. (A pack of 5l to 100l of water)
2. Spread over it the necessary amount of ElosAquaUno, complex enzyme / bacteria in capsules (1 capsule every 25x25cm)
3. Coat with ElosTerra distributing the material in order to create a layer total, approximately 4-8cm in the front part of the aquarium and 8-16cm in the back. (In case it is employed ElosBottomMineral, be sure to cover it thoroughly to avoid contact with the water column)
4. Place the bottom thus obtained, a sheet of paper and pour the water on the same in order to prevent the mixing of the material. ElosTerra is so ready for the planting of aquatic plants.
Do not wash, ElosTerra ElosBottomMineral and do not require pre-wash.
We do not recommend the use of ElosTerra in aquariums with fish from habitats characterized by high levels of hardness.

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