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Elos SYSTEM 160 Marine Aquarium - 550 Lt.

Elos SYSTEM 160 Marine Aquarium - 550 Lt.
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Price: 7.058,92Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

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Prodotto: Elos SYSTEM 160 Marine Aquarium - 550 Lt.

As the "System 120" this aquarium is proposed inside our catalogue since nearly 10 years ago. Dawned in the accessories set and continuously improved it incorporates all the technical refinements that only our Aquarium incorporates: two layer, antiseismic bottom, anti snail protections, "dry" surface overflow, bottom water inlet etc. etc.

"The Aquarium" build with all the attention that only a "limited series" can deserve. The "Top of the range" aquarium that only recently have been proposed also in a new 20 cm (8") deeper version.

Hence our simplest aquarium today reflect our deep tradition. The result: "High Quality Complete Pure systems", informed by ingenious equipments and understated sophistication, easy to manage, with a unique design.


  • Black silicon sealed, all FLOAT glass aquarium
  • Ready to plug: each aquarium includes all the necessary equipment/tubing/plumbing for an easy set-up.
  • Surface overflow: the water comes to the filter (SUMP) via the surface overflow
  • All glass sump type filter: the filtration system SUMP 1000M designed for the use in a cabinet, contains all elements, that are necessary for the successful maintenance of a modern reef aquarium - without any compromises.
  • Mechanical filtration: easy to clean mechanical filter. Each filter is equipped with two different mesh size filter bags.
  • Biological filtration: through the Variable velocity Reducing Chamber ®  which helps in maintaining a constant level, of micro element thus permitting the variation of the oxidizing/reducing filter capacity and the related oxidation/reduction activity of the filter.
  • Automatic compensation of the evaporated water: thanks to the electronic level controller ELOS Osmocontroller II set in the supplied spare-water chamber.
  • Aquarium stands: the ELOS SQUARE is a perfect complement to your System Aquarium. Made in high profile, high water-resistance laminated wood with a superior finish, the ELOS SQUARE can be purchased also in the elegant Matt or Glossy hand-made varnished versions available in all RAL colors.


  • Glass tank: 160x60x60h cm (63 x 23,6 x 23,6 h inch.), capacity 570 lt. (150 gal)
  • Cabinet: 160x60x80h cm (63 x 23,6 x 31,5 h inch.)
  • Glass filter: SUMP 1000 Marine including Mechanical Filter, filter bags, biological chamber with regulating tap, spare water chamber, dedicated to smaller aquarium up to the
  • Skimmer: NS 1000 including EHEIM 1260 pump
  • Level controller: Osmocontroller II including pump
  • Pipings: overflow corrugated tube including connections, silicon tube and exit pipings
  • Top -up pump: EHEIM 1260


Suggested lights: 2 x AQUA PLANET 1x250
Calcium reactor: REA 120 plus
Controller: BIOTOPUS II


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