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Elos Aqua Zero 250ml - Removes chlorine and heavy metals rich in iodine and enzymes

Elos Planta 1 250ml
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Price: 19,76Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Elos Aqua Zero 250ml - Removes chlorine and heavy metals rich in iodine and enzymes

General Information:

Water is the most important resource. Without water life is not possible. From a chemical point of view, water, H2O, is a pure compound, but in reality, you seldom use pure water. Water from various sources contains dissolved gases, minerals, organic and inorganic substances.
When we come to our aquaria, it is important that, before we use it inside the aquarium, the water is prepared to match as much as possible the uncontaminated, rich water from natural streams and rivers. It is then important to remove substances added by local municipality as well as adding substances that will protect fishes' slime coat.

ELOS Aqua Zero neutralizes the harmful substances from the freshwater chlorine and heavy metals) but is more than a simple bio-conditioner.
ELOS Aqua Zero is enriched with Iodine and slime protector substances like polyvinylpyrrolidone to restores the natural slime coating to relieve fish stress, calm, and protect against abrasion. Its use is necessary at aquarium set-up as well as at water changes or during the addition/transportation of new fish or when fish are wounded.


  • used to prepare inactive water (RO or municipal water) for prompt and safe use in the aquarium
  • new selective chelants generation to bind only harmful substances
  • new enzymatic formula, necessary to replenish and protect the freshwater fish’s slime coat
  • does not disrupt the ionic balance, but helps the water (RO or municipal water) meet it’s natural organic and inorganic formulation
  • helps the filter system: improving the irreversible process of decomposition of the toxic substances (urea, food, waste )

Note: ELOS Aqua Zero is a complex formula. Similar products available on the market contain various inorganic phosphate salts intentionally added to them as preservatives. To avoid the need of these preservatives we use mono-dose phials and we take great care to packing conditions, which are made into low contaminated controlled atmosphere.
ELOS Aqua Zero is contained in mono-dose phials to preserve the formula’s quality, avoiding contact with the air. The monodose phials keep constant the quality, pureness and efficiency from the first until the last application.

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