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Elos Aqua Uno 125ml

Elos Planta 1 250ml
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Price: 16,15Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Elos Aqua Uno

General Information:

In an aquarium, full of life, every day an amount of waste substances are produced and, if not systematically removed, they will cause problem or, even damage, the natural aquarium's equilibrium.


Whether the biological filter is live rock, trickle media, or any other substrate, the biological oxidation of ammonia to nitrite and then to nitrate is necessary to keep these substances low.


Setting up and maintaining equilibrated bacteria cultures, are two key basic requirements in order to ensure permanently and balanced conditions inside the marine aquarium.

ELOS AquaUno M

is a specific product targeted to promote and maintain a stable process of biologic decomposition inside the marine aquarium:


  • thanks to the contribution of an adequate colony of micro-organism, its constant use will promote the installation and the keeping of the eco-equilibrium of the marine environment
  • the use of selected enzymatic basis will accelerate, and preserve for a long time, the natural metabolic process, improving the irreversible process of decomposition of the tossic substances (urea, food, waste) avoiding, in this way, excess of nitrogen compounds
  • used during the installation of the aquarium, ELOS AquaUno M will help to set up a rich bacteria colony of specific micro-organism for the marine water
  • its constant use will permit to develop and maintain the biological equilibrium inside the aquarium


we take particular care to avoid contamination to our raw materials and the mono-dose phial is probably the best way to underline our philosophy.

ELOS Aqua Uno M

is packed in 10 ml phials to allow our customer to use in his aquarium high quality additives, with an easy dosing method, without the need of complex storing procedures.


Mono-dose phials are an elegant, safe, easy to use, clean packing system that grants constant uncontaminated, pure quality without the need of preservatives.

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