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EHEIM - 6471220 - AquaLight LED 6500K

EHEIM - 6471220 - AquaLight LED 6500K
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Price: 68,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: EHEIM - 6471220 - AquaLight LED 6500°K



This stylish round lamp with high quality energy saving PowerLED (up to 80% energy savings) distributes light evenly, providing excellent illumiation with nice shimmering effects and generating 1,200-1,300 Lux at 6,500K.  It displays superb color rendition revealing the aquarium life in all of its vividness.





The PowerLED bright natural daylight light provides the vital energy that live aquatic plants and a variety or marine organisms need to thrive.  The EHEIM powerLED covers almost the whole spectrum of sunlight to support natural plant growth.





When comparing the EHEIM PowerLED to other commercially available neon lamps, the EHEIM PowerLED provides excellent performance in the range of 400 to 500 nm* - an especially important factor for photosnthesis.  The EHEIM PowerLED offers the correct light for your aquarium plants.













  • High quality LED with optimum illumination right to the bottom of the tank (approx 3,100 Lux) up to a depth of 14"





  • Light color approx 6,500 Kelvin





  • High energy efficiency - only 7 watts





  • Long service life approx. 20,000 hours - 5 years with average usage





  • Comes with adjustable mounting clamps - Fits rimless and rimmed aquariums with thickness up to 3/4"





  • Power is supplied through the light track





  • The PowerLED fixture is vertically and horizontally adjustable





  • Internal aluminum heat sink colling keeps lamp cool to the touch and does not transfer heat to aquarium water





  • 81 interconnected diodes for extremely crisp illumination










Complete kit includes:




mounting bracket, LED lamp, power track and power adapter with switch

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