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Eheim 1070 StreamOn 1800

Eheim 1070 StreamOn 1800
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Price: 32,95Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Eheim 1070 StreamOn 1800


EHEIM - 1070 - Pump movement streamON 1800 attack sucker for aquariums up to 150 liters.

The pump EHEIM movement provides optimum power ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

These pumps are highly efficient and compact for optimal water circulation in the aquarium of sea water and / or sweet. Also, for adjusting its practical 3D deisgn allows a quick and easy fixation at any point desired in the aquarium. The proven quality EHEIM ensures high reliability and requires minimal maintenance and low power consumption . The circulation pumps are mechanically adjustable and can be set according to the current requirements of the inhabitants of the aquarium water .

Technical data:

Pump output : 1800 l / h
Power Consumption: 2.8 W
Dimensions LxWxH : 46x75x62 mm


Pump compact motion for aquariums up to 150 liters.

Suitable for use in both marine and fresh water

Optimum water circulation , with a current production of natural and soft

Increases the content of oxygen and recreates environmental conditions similar to those of natural

Vital for corals in saltwater aquariums ; beneficial to fish in freshwater aquariums

It can be placed either horizontally or vertically

Adjustable up to 180 ° ( 3D adjustment )

Support for suckers

Cone opening adjustable flow

Extremely quiet and with very minimal need for maintenance

High efficiency with low power consumption !

Guaranteed for 3 years.

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