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Eden Pump 130 - 600-1150 L/H 30watt

Eden Pump 130 - 600-1150 L/H 30watt
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Price: 23,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: Eden Pump 130 - 600-1150 L/H 30watt


Adjusting the flow
The pump has 6 position flow control dial. Rotate the valve toward min or max indicator until the desired flow appears on the display.

The motor is fully encapsulated and self protected against overheating and needs no particular care. If the pump fails to work, first check the electrical supply, connection, circuit breaker ecc... If these are correct, the pump need to be cleaned. Regular cleaning of the strainer, the rotor/impeller and the pump chamber is recommended to remove any debris and lime-scale, which could block the unit.

Prior to any work on the unit, disconnect all electrical equipment from the mains. Remove the pump cover and take off the strainer. Pull the rotor from its location. Carefully rinse all components under running water cleaning with a non-metallic brush such as a toothbrush. If necessary remove lime-scale by leaving the components immersed in vinegar or lemon juice for few hours. Reassemble the unit so that all components are placed in their original position.

Replacing the bushings:
If the pump become too noisy after prolonged running, replace the bushings as follows:
Open the pump and remove old bushings. Replace with new bushings from your dealer just by pushing then with your thumb until they stop in their seats. Take care that holes for shaft are oriented toward the inside.

Eden 130
Dimensions (mm) 74 x 54 x 94
Voltage 230 V/50 Hz
Power Consumption (watt) 30
Turnover rate max. (l/h) 1150
Head of water max.(m) 2.5
Hose connections (inch) 16mm
Connection Cable (m) 10
Guarantee (excl. wearing parts) 3 years

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