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Eden Heating Cables Model 415 - 50watt

Eden Heating Cables Model 415 - 50watt
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Price: 19,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Eden Heating Cables Model 415 - 50watt


General Information:

Heating cables 415 represent a particularly interesting solution for the keenest fishkeepers. Connected to and controlled by the Thermostat 425hct and 430el including all the characteristics and advantages described
for the heater Eden 425, they are suitable for those aquariums in which the life of plants has to be particularly taken care of.
Inserting the heating cable in the ground of the tank generates alternated series of ascensional and descensional water currents which, flowing very slowly  through the gravel, carry precious nutritional elements to the roots avoiding also dangerous still water situations. They are also particularly indicated as heating elements interrariums and paludariums in whic reptiles and amphibians find ideal heating conditions. The range of 415 heating cables is available in 4 wattages to satisfy all needs, both in 230V. to grant the maximum of safety also in case of very “active” fish or animals.
Supplied complete of clips and suctionscups for easy and stable installation.


Product Cold length Total length 230 V-50/60 Hz 12 V-50/60 Hz 
415-15         1,5 m        3,3 m             15 W -
415-25         1,5 m         3,3 m             25 W -
415-50         1,5 m         6,0 m             50 W -
415-80         1,5 m         6,0 m             80 W -
415-100       1,5 m         10,0 m         100 W -



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