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Eden Heaters Model 425 - 75watt

Eden Heaters Model 425 - 75watt
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Price: 14,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Eden Heaters Model 425 - 75watt


Differently from what happens with traditional heaters, the 425 model bimetallic strip is not passed through by the electricity and does not get warm because of the Joule effect. Thisheating causes an early opening of the contacts in traditional thermostats, before they can “feel” the temperature of the water. Working the bimetallic strip without the passing through of
electricity, the thermostat controlling the heater model 425 will open or close the circuit exclusively because of the measured temperature.
A special double contact elastically assembled on the bimetal grants the most reliable and lasting functioning. A special extra pin, integrated in the main setting knob, enables the re-calibration of the thermostat adapting it to the conditions of use and removing any eventual minor discrepancy of temperature between the set one and the one measured with a precision thermostat. It will be sufficient to rotate the post-calibration pin toward + or – (each click corresponds to 1 °C) with the proper device inserted in the suction cups holder to re-set to the value indicated on the main scale.
Easy to be installed in any aquarium tank by means of the supplied suction cups holder, the 425 grants the keeping of a constant temperature ideal for a perfect working of the ecosystem aquarium

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