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EcoTech Marine
EcoTech Marine
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Ecotech Vortech MPwQD

Ecotech Vortech MPwQD
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Available Options
Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10QDEcotech Marine Vortech MP10QD
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
279,00Euro [TaxInc]
251,10Euro [TaxInc]
Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10wQDEcotech Marine Vortech MP10wQD
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
329,00Euro [TaxInc]
296,09Euro [TaxInc]
Ecotech Marine Vortech MP40wQDEcotech Marine Vortech MP40wQD
Not available
Not Available
419,00Euro [TaxInc]
356,14Euro [TaxInc]
Best Product   
Ecotech Marine Vortech MP60wQDEcotech Marine Vortech MP60wQD
By request
By request
748,99Euro [TaxInc]
By Reservation   

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Movement pumps electronic new generation.

We have improved our already award-winning line of pumps Vortech using the forefront of technical innovation.

QuietDrive and the brand new MP40 redefine what a pump movement for aquariums can do.
Having the right flow in the aquarium is critical to the health of the ecosystem. ConVorTech QuietDrive choose the best equipment for proper water circulation has never been easier.

VorTech pumps were designed by aquarists to become the ultimate standard of equipment that create the flow in marine aquariums. When it comes to a large flow but delicate, design VorTech is unmatched:

Create a great movement of water
It does not damage the corals
Natural water flow
Models of three-dimensional flow
Complete options flow
Precise control of water movement

The Vortech is no less surprising today when for the first time has revolutionized the world of aquarium. Three generations of pumps, more than ten years of streams and created tens of thousands of aquariums in health are the best evidence of the uniqueness of this pump movement. In the heart of the success of the incomparable Vortech's patented drag meagnetico.

No distractions, just the beauty of the aquarium and its animals
No cable in the aquarium
Nothing unwanted heat in the water
No risk of electric shock, dangerous for people or life in aquarium
No problem when you have to install, replace or clean the pump

QuietDrive has its foundations in the unique advantages of the magnetic coupling of VorTech but brings everything to a higher level. The revolutionary new driver increases efficiency and significantly reduces engine noise. Before the VorTech removed the engine from the aquarium, now QuietDrive removes the noise from the engine.

Alone each pump VorTech can do amazing things, connettetela to EcoSmartLive through ReefLink and the possibilities are endless.

Includes any number of pumps VorTech WQD in a profile EcoSmart

Create personalized programs for pumps with a simple "Drag and Drop"

Check / program one or more pumps VorTech using a tablet / smartphone

Create mode programs that vary in the 24 hours

Integra pumps VorTech with other equipment including EcoTech Radion LED ceiling lights

Save, import / export programs of a pump to keep or share

Use the "pump layout wizard" to create a graphical representation of the aquarium

Compatible with Mac, PC, iOS and Android platforms

Technical Specifications of MP40wQD:

Flow: 17,000+ lph
Consumption: 9-38 Watts
Size of the aquarium: 190-1800 liters
Maximum thickness of the glass: 19 mm
More than six continuous mode of operation
Wave Auto Tune mode, feed Mode and Night Mode
90% less noise *
Up to 40% more power *
Communicates with existing WWD and "w" EcoSmart pumps
Increased Efficiency
The outer double bearing
Fully compatible with EcoSmart Live via ReefLink
Available as an upgrade for Drver WWD and EcoSmart

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