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Economy Dispenser Sip-Glax

Economy Dispenser Sip-Glax
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Available Options
Economy Dispenser Sip-Glax 1000grEconomy Dispenser Sip - Glax 1000gr
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
6,41Euro [TaxInc]
Economy Dispenser Sip-Glax 2500grEconomy Dispenser Sip - Glax 2500gr
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
14,51Euro [TaxInc]
Economy Dispenser Sip-Glax 5000grEconomy Dispenser Sip - Glax 5000gr
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
26,00Euro [TaxInc]
Economy Dispenser Sip-Glax 500grEconomy Dispenser Sip - Glax 500gr
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
3,50Euro [TaxInc]

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The essential material in the aquarium filter system it’s the one who allow the growth of bacteria who will decompose organic substances produced by the flora and fauna, fundamental process to close the biological cycle and keep the fish alive; these bacteria break down ammonia and nitrite (produced from feces and urine of fish, dead leaves and the leftover food) which are highly toxic and even fatal to the fish in the aquarium.

Usually for this purpose are used "ceramic rings" which are known to have an internal bore; this material does NOT allow to maximize the potential for bacteria settlement.

SIP GLAX due to the material of which is compound (GLASS SINTERED POROUS STRUCTURE AND MOLECULAR ADSORBENT) allows the setting up of a number of bacteria up to 20 times (!!) above the normal ceramic rings.

Particularly suitable for aquariums overcrowded, for marine aquariums or for filters of reduced dimensions in relation to the volume of the tank.



Rinse the product under hot running water before use to remove any remaining dust; 450grams per 250 liters of aquarium capacity (the double for sea water).

Never rinse again the product during the use and replace the 50% of the mass every year.


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