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Economy Dispenser Gammarus 6L/840gr cod. GM01

Economy Dispenser Gammarus 6L/840gr cod. GM01
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Price: 19,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Economy Dispenser Gammarus 6L/840gr cod. GM01


Gammarus is a feed supplement ideal for aquatic turtles, consists entirely of freshwater shrimp. High in calcium, strengthens the carapace.

Composed exclusively of freshwater shrimps of the genus Gammarus dried and sieved. * The careful process ensures the absence of dust on the bottom of the jar and the product is therefore fully consumable by the turtles and also the tank that houses will remain cleaner.

Amphipods selection of typical courses of cold water free from contaminants.
The Gammarus freshly caught are washed and treated with a machining process that uses the most modern technologies, which are able to ensure the maintenance of the properties nutritizionali combined with the absence of pathogenic forms.
The high mineral content makes the Gammarus ideal food supplement for many reptiles and in conjunction with adequate lighting, ensuring a perfect growth of the carapace of turtles. It 'important not to feed the turtles but only Gammarus used as the main food Turtle Stick

Feed is also suitable for Koi carp and large cichlids


Gammarus washed and dried.

Analytical composition:

     proteins 60%
     5% fat
     fibers 9%
     ash 15%

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