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Dupla bubble counter kit with safety valve dowels and screws for mounting

Dupla bubble counter kit with safety valve dowels and screws for mounting
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Price: 23,13Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dupla bubble counter kit with safety valve dowels and screws for mounting


Apparatus for visual control the contribution of CO2. With integrated safety valve. Simple mounting above or below the aquarium. Accessories: 1 x wall bracket, 2 x stop 33 mm, 2 x bolts, 4 x screws

The Dupla bubble counter is designed and tested by Dupla especially for use in aquariums. The proper use and proper installation are essential to achieve maximum operational safety and reliability from the apparatus.


  1. Counter Bolle Duplasafe allows the installation of Dupla CO2 reactor invisibly inside the aquarium.
  2. Dupla bubble counter should be installed visible, near the aquarium or even better at eye level. It's possible to fasten the bracket to a wall of wood or masonry with screws and clips of the kit. The arrow should be pointing up. The bracket can also be attached to the glass of the aquarium with silicone. Leave the holes for the clips free.
  3. After attaching the bracket insert clips from 33 mm System Duplakon.
  4. If the clips have been laid both horizontally counter bubbles can be easily positioned and supported (photo 1).
  5. Counter Duplasafe bubbles must be filled with water before being placed.
  6. Attach a tube to the nozzle Duplakon out of the count-bubbles. Now immerse the nozzle of entry into the water and gently draw water.
  7. For filling procedure by checking the maintenance of safety valves Dupla incorporated.
  8. Time to shift the counter of bubbles in your support.
  9. With Duplakon tube connecting the nozzle entrance to the exit hole of the valve Dupla CO2. Do not skimp on the tube but use them enough to avoid stretch.
  10. Now connect the nozzle exit counter bubbles Duplasafe the entrance hole of the CO2 Reactor CO2.
  11. NB Make sure the tube is inserted Duplakon well on the black spout. Secure the tube with the fissacova of outfit.
  12. The plant is now ready for use. Note carefully
  13. Counter Duplasafe bubbles filled with water, can also be used as air filter in air conditioning ventilation.  It's particularly effective in environments filled with smoke. Replace the contents when it is cloudy.
  14. If you use CO2, water can be changed every 2-3 months. Thoroughly clean the disc closing.
  15. Respect sequence assembly. Always make sure that the safety valve Dupla is properly positioned.
  16. All spare parts are available from authorized outlets Dupla.
  17. If, after some time, the escape of bubbles from the trainer of bubbles is not regular, are due to dirt particles deposited inside. How to fix: remove the safety valve and clean the trainer Dupla bubble with a household detergent. Rinse well.
  18. Counter Duplasafe bubbles can be filled with other liquids, for example. indicator of water with liquid CO2, glycerine, etc..

Technical data:

  • Max. Operating: 0.5 bar (5 m water column)
  • Value of counting bubbles: 1: 2
  • Connection: 4.5 mm for the entrance hole and output
  • Device for non-return valve, Dupla safety
  • Device mounting: wall bracket with clips
  • Dimensions: Ø 37 mm, with fittings for hose Dimensions: 210 mm
  • Material: SAN (Acrylonitrile-Styrene Copolymer)
  • Accessories kit: screws, plugs, 1 wall bracket, 33 mm diameter 2 clips
  • N.ord.: 30 060
  • The illustrations are not binding. Technical variations granted.


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