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Dupla Aqua Crystal 50ml

Dupla Aqua Crystal 50ml
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Price: 7,12Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Clarifier for fresh and salt water


Flocculant to remove torbidftà due to substances and floating algae nll'acqua sweet and marine and pond.

During the installation of an aquarium or a pond, a pollution occurs due to sand, stones roots and other objects decorativri. Early on, when the filter is not yet effectively triggered, they are discharged into the water murky and muddy substances. At this stage it is often difficult for filter systems tradizonali totally remove colloids (clayey substances and protein), floating algae and other pollutants. E 'at this stage that Aqua Crystal proves to be a' excellent substance for purifying the water. And 'in fact capable of coagulating and precipitating also the finest particles that contribute to cause clouding. When Aqua Crystal meets the polluting materials, it is formed a compound in the form of staple fibers. This bow changes its size becoming smaller and more often and thus increasing its weight specifc. The staple, binding to all the particles of turbidity, precipitates on the bottom. At this point, the flakes can be adsorbed and retained by any filter. Alternatively, the flakes can be easily aspirated from the bottom of the 'aquarium. In an aquarium 300 l not be sucked more than 5 liters of water. The result is a crystal clear water aquarium.

Application / Dosage:

8 ml per 100 liters of acqua.Qualora, because of water quality, precipitation does not occur, the dosage can be increased up to 50%. Precipitation and visible within a few minutes when there is increased water clarity and training separation and sedimentation of flakes.

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