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ADA 103 - 302 – Drop Checker

ADA 103 - 302 – Drop Checker
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Price: 37,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: ADA 103 - 302 – Drop Cheacker


Aquatic plants use C02 dissolved in the water far photosynthesis to grow. C02 is very effective for the healthy growth of aquatic plants. It should be adjusted precisely according to the conditions of the aquatic plants, checking the C02 level constantly in the water. ADA DROP CHECKER is a continuous tester which indicates the C02 level with the color while fixed it in aquarium.

  • DROP CHECKER IS all hand made glass product with beautiful design which does not disturb the aqua scapes
  • Indicate the CO2 level continuously far a long period.
  • Easy to examine the CO2 level by the color of the liquid in the Bali which enables precise adjustment of CO2 supplementation.
  • The color of the indicating liquid changes according to the level of CO2 dissolved in the water. To adjust the CO2 level of your aquarium water, compare the color of the indicating liquid with the Color Sample Card:

Yellow= too much CO2;

green= right;

blue= too little CO2.

Please change the indicating liquid once in 2-3 weeks or when you change the water of the aquarium.


  • When the KH level ìs too high or too low, the color of the indicating liquid may not correspond the CO, level correctly
  • It takes some time until the indicating liquid respond to the CO2 level Suction CUP of the water. The color of the indicating liquid may not respond when the pH level changes too suddenly. For accurate indication of the color, do not place the Bali near CO2 diffusers such as "POLLEN GLASS" or aeration equipment.
  • • When algae is gathered on the Bali ADA original glass, washing agent Mouth Reagent (5 ml) "SUPERGE" is recommended to clean all any chemical agent left inside the Bali affects the color of the indicatinq liquid. Make sure to wash out cleaning agent thoroughly after cleaning
  • The color intensity changes depending on the intensity of the indicating liquid. When the color of the indicating liquid is difficult to judge, adjust the amount of the water to mix with the Reagent.
  • Close the bottle of the Reagent and keep it cool and dark after use.
  • When the appended Reagent runs out, the Reagent contained in "pH Color Sample Card Syringe KIT" can be used as replacement.


Before the installation of this product. make sure to read this instruction manual carefully and understand all of its directions. ADA glassware is made from high quality glass. Diligently following the instructions manuals is essential for the lonq-terrn use of these products.

  • Do not drop, shock or subject this product to sudden pressure. Be particularly careful when setting up, removing far cleaning, and when pulling off the Suction Cup.
  • Do not subject to sudden temperature changes, such as placing in hot water for cleaning.
  • The reagent or water containing the reagent is harmful to animals and plants Do not put the reagent or water containing the reagent into the aquarium. If this happens by mistake, change a half of the water in the aquarium immediately.
  • In case the reagent or water containing the reagent gets into the eyes, immediately wash away with water and consult a physician. This product is not edible. If swallowed, expel immediately and consult a physician.
  • Keep reach out of children.

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ADA 103 - 302 – Drop Checker 
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