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Diversa Kit Terrarium Forest

Diversa Kit Terrarium Forest
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Available Options
Diversa Kit Terrarium Forest cm30x25x35hDiversa Kit Terrarium Forest cm30x25x35h
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
100,82Euro [TaxInc]
Diversa Kit Terrarium Forest cm45x32,5x45hDiversa Kit Terrarium Forest cm45x32,5x45h
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
142,07Euro [TaxInc]
Diversa Kit Terrarium Forest cm60x40x50hDiversa Kit Terrarium Forest cm60x40x50h
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
177,05Euro [TaxInc]

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Terrarium glass with vertical ventilation system for reptiles and amphibians

Terraria Diversa are based on suggestions of experts, so as to build a terrarium easy to maintain and manage, and that at the same time will allow you to create an optimal environment for your reptiles and amphibians.

the dashboard provides conditions of the ventilation system according to the needs of the animals,

L 'lighting is provided by energy saving lamps 6500 ° K with E27

     float glass, characterized by high transparency and resistance,
     pessore glass selected in accordance with European standards
     perfectly combined safely with double silicone joints
     safety edges.
     ability to easily link the technical side for an optimal breeding

Each kit comes with Desert thermometer sticker, decorative rock resin, bowl and food bowl for the 'water.

convenient access inside the terrarium thanks to sliding door on binar

Specifications Kit Forest 30:


Length: 30cm

Width: 25cm

Height: 35cm

Volume: 26,3lt

Thickness: 3mm

Light: 1x11watt


Specifications Kit Forest 45:


Length: 45cm

Width: 32,5cm

Height: 45cm

Volume: 65,8lt

Thickness: 3mm

Light: 2x11watt


Specifications Kit Forest 60:


Length: 60cm

Width: 40cm

Height: 50cm

Volume: 120 liters

Thickness: 4mm

Light: 2x11watt

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