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Diversa Neon T5 Plant

Diversa Neon T5 Plant
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Available Options
Diversa Neon T5 Plant 24wDiversa Neon T5 Plant 24w
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
21,02Euro [TaxInc]
Diversa Neon T5 Plant 39wDiversa Neon T5 Plant 39w
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
27,51Euro [TaxInc]
Diversa Neon T5 Plant 54wDiversa Neon T5 Plant 54w
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
32,81Euro [TaxInc]

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Opti Plant Lamps – insure optimal living conditions of plants

  • intended for freshwater aquariums,
  • simulates natural solar light and activates process of photosynthesis,
  • inhibits algae growth,
  • recommended combination: Opti Natural lamp.

Emission spectrum:







Vattaggi Diponibili:


     24 Watt Length 55cm
     39 Watt Length 85cm
     54 Watt Length 115cm

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Diversa Neon T5 Plant 
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