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DiscusFood Premium Filter

DiscusFood Premium Filter
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Available Options
DiscusFood Premium Filter up to 150lDiscusFood Premium Filter up to 150l
Not available
Not Available
17,90Euro [TaxInc]
DiscusFood Premium Filter up to 300lDiscusFood Premium Filter up to 300l
Not available
Not Available
26,90Euro [TaxInc]

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Interior air filters with biological filtration

Three different types of filtering in a single filter to make premium Filter DiscusFood one of the best air filters on the market.

Internally: organic and chemical filtration. The patented method step of 'air ensures an' optimal ventilation and a perfect mixing of 'oxygen with the' water
biological filtration: glass, ceramic and natural rocks form the basis of the best biological filtration. Thanks to a process at high temperatures creates a high surface porosity, which represents the ideal condition for receiving a bacterial flora. Compared with the normal ceramic biofilters, turns out to be 3-5 times more efficient.
mechanical filtration: as well as a pre-filter, is used a sponge that absorbs quickly multilevel the impurities present in the water and retains the particles in suspension. The nitrifying bacteria transform the 'ammonia, toxic nitrate. The patented design allows a 'high density of nitrifying bacteria.

Format size up to 150 liters:

diameter 12cm

height 15cm (including 5cm plastic tube)









Format size up to 300 liters:

diameter 12cm

height 24cm (including 10cm plastic tube)

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DiscusFood Premium Filter 
is in the Categories:

Home » Filters » Internal filters
Accessories » Reproduction/Breed
Nano Acquarium
Nano Shrimp » Filters
Filters » Filtri ad Aria

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