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Dennerle S7 Vitamix - Trace elements and vitamins - 100ml

Dennerle S7 Vitamix - Trace elements and vitamins - 100ml
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Price: 11,75Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Dennerle S7 Vitamix - Trace elements and vitamins - 100ml



Aquariums are in need of vital substances:
To stay healthy and balanced growth, fish and plants need many minerals, trace elements and other vital substances.
If there is even an item, you are already beginning to present deficiency symptoms: plants grow poorly when they become pale yellow.
The fish grow only slowly, have less color and are subject to disease.
The average length of life is reduced. Aquariums depend then on the regular supply of vital substances.

S7 Vitamix brings vitality to the aquarium:
S7 Vitamix is DENNERLE a single concentration of many vital substances to activate and revitalize the entire aquarium.
It provides all the vitamins, trace elements and other vital substances necessary for fish and plants.

Effectiveness on fish:

S7 Vitamix protects the mucosa with valuable protective colloid, the most important barrier for the fish in fighting pathogens.
The dexpanthenol promotes the regeneration of small wounds.
Special immunostimulant strengthens the immune system.
The total budget of B vitamins play a harmonizing action and reduces stress.
Thus S7 Vitamix creates the best conditions for a long and healthy life and brilliant colors.
Also ideal as a support during and after illness, in cases of stress or as an aid to adaptation of new fish.

Efficacy on plants:

S7 Vitamix is used in combination with the system of fertilization DENNERLE provide optimum nourishment to the plants.
Replenishes vital nutrients and that are consumed quickly in the aquarium or do not remain stable for long, such as vitamins.
S7 Vitamix promotes a healthy and balanced growth of plants and ensures leaves colorful.

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