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Dennerle Shrimp King Color 35gr

Dennerle Shrimp King Color 35gr
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Price: 8,49Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Pad sinking as a dietary supplement to enhance the color


     comsizione and structure specifically designed for the nutritional requirements of shrimp.
     provides all the nutrients and substances (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fiber) essential for growth
     exclusive use of high quality ingredients
     100% natural ingredients
     free of artificial additives such as colorants, antioxidants, preservatives
     no fishmeal, fish waste or by-products used as fillers at low cost
     each food contains ingredients for a varied diet and varied
     contains only the ingredients listed on the package and nothing else!
     tick sinking and stable in water for up to 24 hours, this significantly reduces the level of pollution of 'water
     developed and manufactured in Germany
     for a healthy and balanced growth, a vibrant color and a high rate of reproduction

Pad sinking a high content of color enhancers such as astaxanthin, B-carotene and lutein.

Shrimp King Color pad is made from sinking stable in water made ​​from 100% natural ingredients to promote and intensify coloration of 'exoskeleton shrimps.

The substances that stimulate and promote pigmentation are not produced by 'body of the shrimp so they need to assimilate them from' outside via a carb appropriate. These dyes are known by the name of carotenoids, are contained mainly in seaweed, flowers, fruit or green vegetables. Shrimps and crabs convert carotenoids into substances that donate to their coloring pigment, for example the type 'astaxanthin that is going to bind to the molecular level with the protein beta-crustacyanina. These molecular compounds are stored in dedicated cells that determine the color of 'exoskeleton.

Shrimp King Color contains a wide range of high quality ingredients such as microalgae, crustaceans, peppers, carrots and shrimp eggs decapsulata. If used regularly, it provides the perfect diet to get bright colors and shiny.

Shrimp King Color is particularly suitable for: Red Fire, Red Sakura, Sakura Orange, Blue Pearls, Yellow Fire, Black and Blue Tiger.

Contents: 30g

Warranty: The product does not contain artificial colors or preservatives and is free of fish meal.

Dietary supplement for shrimp in freshwater aquariums

Composition: shrimp meal, wheat protein, corn, pumpkin, rice bran, green lipped mussels, green peppers, carrots, palm oil, Artemia decapsulata, aronia berries, pollen, rosemary, astaxanthin, B-carotene.

Analytical composition: 41.1% crude protein, 9.9% crude fat, crude fiber 4%,
7.1% crude ash, 8.1% moisture, 1.73% calcium, 0.49% sodium, 0.65% phosphorus, 0.16% magnesium


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