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Dennerle - CO2 Nano Flipper 5987 - Effective, extremely compact CO2 diffusor for mini aquaria

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Price: 14,03Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle - CO2 Nano Flipper 5987 - Effective, extremely compact CO2 diffusor for mini aquaria

How the CO2 Nano Flipper works:

The CO2 bubbles issue from the opening at the bottom of the Flipper and rise along the channels.
Part of the CO2 dissolves in the aquarium water in the process. The rest accumulates in the collector, from where it is released into the water. The safe design of the collector ensures that the small quantities of CO2 which are customary for nano aquaria are effectively dissolved, while undesired large quantities of CO2 are discharged automatically via the waste gas vent.
The scope of delivery thus includes 2 collectors:

  • the smaller one for 10-25 I aquaria
  • the larger one for 25-40 I aquaria

The waste gas vent:
While the CO2 bubbles rise in the Flipper, other gases which are naturally dissolved in the aquarium water pe¬netrate into the bubbles.
These so-called waste gases are substantially lighter than the relatively heavy CO2 and thus accumulate in the collector at the top.
Here they are discharged regularly via the specially dimensioned waste gas vent (slits). The heavier CO2 remains in the gas buffer at the bottom, at the interface with the water.

Running-in period:
The running-in period for the Flipper is approx. 2 days.
Initially, the individual CO2 bubbles combine to form larger bubbles.
As soon as a biological surface layer of microorganisms has formed, the bubbles rise up to the collector.

The right amount of CO2:

For lush plant growth, Dennerle recommends a CO2 content of approx. 20 to 25 mg/l. As the required number of bubbles is dependent on various factors (stock of plants, water movement, lighting, etc.), the appropriate amount of CO2 must be determined individually for the aquarium concerned.

Rule of thumb for the basic setting: Begin with approx. 1 bubble per minute per 10 I of aquarium water, which means approx. 3 bubbles per minute for a 30 I aquarium, for example. Check the CO2 supply and the CO2 level in the aquarium water regularly, adjusting the CO2 supply rate as necessary.

Important: Should it be necessary to increase the CO2 supply rate, this should only be done slowly, increasingly the level gradually over several days!

Please note: The more vigorously the surface of the water is set in motion, the more CO2 will be expelled from the aquarium again. Professional tip from Dennerle: The CO2 content can be checked most simply using the Crystal Line CO2 long- term test. When the test shows a GREEN reading, the water contains exactly the right level of CO2. Cleaning the CO2 Nano Flipper Remove collector. Slide top part up by approx. 1 cm and open up. 0 Clean with water and soft brush. Do not use any detergents._ Contains small parts which could be swallowed — keep out of children's reach.

Spare parts and useful accessories (available from specialist retailers):

5989 Hose holder
2985 Crystal-Line Mini CO2 long-term test
2977 2 black suction clips for hose
2979 CO2 hose, black, 2 m
3053 Special CO2 check valve



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