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Dennerle 7460 Betta Booster 30ml/12gr

Dennerle 7460 Betta Booster 30ml/12gr
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Price: 3,49Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle 7460 Betta Booster 30ml/12gr


Absolutely no preservatives ! In addition, the new food is based on the biotic Dennerle : a combination of prebiotics and probiotics with beta -glucan to regulate digestion and activate the immune system. Again, Dennerle is a pioneer in this field, because never before has food for ornamental fish contained probiotic cultures .
The effects of these new lactic acids are scientifically proven : they improve the intestinal flora , reduce unwanted germs and regulate digestion minimizing the ' pollution of' water .

Staple food for all species of Betta fish .


Krill Arctico ( 31%), wheat proteins , Moringa oleifera , freshwater shrimp ( 4%), water fleas (4%) , grasshoppers ( 4%), fly larvae (3%) , spinach , marine oil with omega -3 , coralline red algae , yeast extract , white cabbage , Artemia ( 2%), nauplii (2%) , cuttlefish, Spirulina platensis , lemon balm , garlic, stellaria , red mosquito larvae (1%) , Nannochloropsis , chicory inulin , herbal extract , chlorella, fennel , anise , pollen, flour , grape seed , beta -glucans .

Additives per kg:

Vit D3 2000 IE , astaxanthin 300mg , stabilizing intestinal flora , Pediococcus acidilactici

Analytical composition :

55.5% crude protein , 11.1% crude fat , crude fiber 3.5% , crude ash 12% , moisture 6.4%

Practice resealable

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