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Dennerle 5954 Safety heater thermostat 25 watt

Dennerle 5954 Safety heater thermostat 25 watt
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Price: 19,54Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Dennerle 5954 - Safety heater thermostat 25 watt



This device is energy saving and is highly efficient. In the permanent water current its heat will be effectively used. It is water proof and can be used for both sea- and freshwater. It is dry-run protected. The switching difference is 0.5°C.

Instructions for use:

The heater thermostat must be installed vertically by pressing the dual suction clip to a suitable piece in the aquarium. Maximum immersion depth: 50 cm. In order to obtain highest efficiency choose a piece with good water circulation. Set the desired temperature and connect it to the mains. A light will indicate operation. When the thermostat switches the heater off also the light will be off.


Always unplug the heater or any other electrical equipment from the mains before placing your hands in the water or when changing water. If the power cable becomes damaged it cannot be replaced and the heater must not be used and should be disposed of. Ali cables leading out of the aquarium and the mains leads of the employed devices must be provided with a drip loop to prevent any water which may run down the cables from reaching items of equipment or the mains socket outlet.

Risk of burning: Never switch device on when it is not in the aquarium.

Risk of overheating: Water level must never be below minimum mark on the housing.

Maintenance instructions for use:

In case of good aquarium water the device remains c1ean. In case of algae growth or calcification on the heater surface it can be c1ean with a household lime remover. Then wash carefully. Do unplug from mains before cleaning.

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