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Dennerle 5937 - Nano Cube Complete Plus 10 litres

Dennerle 5937 - Nano Cube Complete Plus 10 litres
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List price: 98,99Euro [TaxInc]
Special price: 84,14Euro [TaxInc]
You save: 14,85Euro (15%)
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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Dennerle 5937 - Nano Cube Complete Plus 10 litres


Please be sure to read the instructions for use carefully and in their entirety before using the aquarium for the first time.
Keep the instructions in a safe place.
Please observe the instructions for use, so as to make full use of the product's potential.

Safety instructions:

  • The aquarium is suitable for indoor use only.
  • The aquarium must not be transported in filled state - risk of glass breakage (no guarantee coverage).
  • The aquarium may only be used with a foam underlay. Without a foam underlay there is a risk of the base pane cracking (no guarantee coverage).
  • Before reaching into the aquarium, always disconnect all items of equipment in and on the aquarium from the mains (filter, heating, lighting, etc.).
  • The mains cable of the light and all cables leading out of the aquarium must be provided with a drip loop to prevent any water which may run down the cables from reaching items of equipment or the mains socket outlet.
  • A light attached directly to the aquarium may only be operated in combination with a cover panel. The system is only to be connected to the mains when the light has been firmly fixed in position.
    Should the light fall into the aquarium by accident, remove the plug from the socket immediately! Never retrieve the lamp from the aquarium with your hands!

Scope of delivery (basic set)

  • L'immagine <img alt= Aquarium in 5 mm glass with panoramic window
  • 3 mm glass cover panel
  • 2 curved + 4 straight plastic holders for the cover panel
  • (delivered in 2 parts: separate parts at breaking points provided)
  • Heat-insulating safety underlay (at the bottom of the packaging)
  • Black decorative foil


Choose an appropriate location for the aquarium. The location should be relatively dark, for example in the corner of a room. The aquarium should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Too much light will lead to unwanted algae formation and may harm the animals and plants in the aquarium as a result of overheating.
Remove all accessories from the aquarium. Rinse out aquarium with warm tap water - do not use any c1eaning agents! Stick the black decorative foil onto the rear of the aquarium from the outside. The black background brings out the colours of the animals and plants particularly effectively.
Place aquarium with safety underlay on a smooth, horizontal surface of adequate load-bearing capacity. Do not place the aquarium on electrical appliances or on furniture with surfaces which are liable to staining by water.

Please note the total weights of the set up aquaria filled with water:

Nano Cube 10 l = approx. 15 kg
Nano Cube 20 l = approx. 30 kg
Nano Cube 30 l = approx. 40 kg

For aquaria containing plants we recommend using a roughly 2 cm covering of Dennerle DeponitMix Nano, special nutrient medium for mini aquaria as the bottom layer.
Cover the nutrient medium with a roughly 3 cm thick layer of thoroughly washed aquarium gravel, such as Dennerle Shrimps Gravel Bed, grain size 0.7-1.2 mm. Dennerle Shrimps Gravel Bed is available in the authentic colours Sulawesi black and Borneo brown.
Fill the aquarium two-thirds full with tap water at a temperature of around 20 °C, we recommend placing a flat plate in the aquarium and pouring the water in slowly, so as to avoid swirling up the bed. Treat tap water with Dennerle Nano Water Conditioner to neutralise dangerous constituents such as chlorine and heavy metals.
Place plants in the aquarium. Dennerle recommends initially covering around 80% of the bed surface area with plants. Fast-growing stem plants should make up some of the stock - algae will then have virtually no chance from the outset. Fit filter and pour in remaining water.
Install light. Attach holders far cover panel and place cover panel on aquarium. Switch on filter and light. Please observe the instructions far use of the equipment used on the aquarium.
Please take care to observe the needs of the creatures in your aquarium. Before buying shrimps and crabs and placing them in your aquarium, be sure to check on the type of habitat they require (temperature, water values, combinations of different species, etc.), Corresponding information is available in the relevant literature, on the internet, from your pet retailer or in the Dennerle professional tip on Nano aquaria.
On account of their size, Nano Cubes are not suitable for keeping ornamental fish. Aquaria far ornamental fish should have a minimum size of 54 l (60 x 30 x 30 cm).

Professional tip: Preparing plants for nano aquaria

Shrimps are highly sensitive to certain contaminants. As the possibility of newly purchased aquarium plants releasing substances that may be harmful to shrimps (pesticides, fertilizer residues) cannot be ruled out, they should always be watered for at least three days before planting them in the aquarium:

  • Potted plants: Remove the growing medium, cut back the roots to approx. 2 cm; for stem plants: Remove foam
  • Put the plants in a bucket with tap water at a temperature of 15-20 'C at room temperature in a position offering plenty of light (near a window). Change the water daily.

Professional tip: Preparing plants for nano aquaria

A freshly set up aquarium should initially run for 1-2 weeks without animal life so that bacteria important for degrading pollutants can settle. The run-in phase can be accelerated by inoculating the water with filter bacteria, for example Dennerle FB7 BiActive ClearWater FilterBacteria. To stimulate the multiplication of bacteria, the aquarium can be "contaminated" every day with 1 ground Crustatsran feed pearls per 10 l of water.
Shrimps should not be put in for at least 7 days. The shrimps react very sensitively to extreme or sudden changes to water values, which is why they should be gently introduced to their new home:

  • Transfer the shrimps together with the water from the transport bag to a large, clean bucket. Cover the bucket with a towel - some types of shrimp can jump.
  • Within the space of 2 hours add approx. 114 Iitre of aquarium water every 10-15 minutes.
  • At the end the proportion of transport water to aquarium water should be approximately 1:3.
  • Transfer the shrimps to the aquarium with a net.

This gentle adjustment ensures a good start in the new nano world.

Including promoted in aquarium 10 l:

Art. no. 5925 Nano corner filter

  • Compact, high performance corner filter for mini-aquaria.
  • Infinitely variable water flow rate, filter outlet rotatable by 90°
  • Smooth and quiet-running, max . pump capacity 150 l/h
  • Simply to use, easy to clean
  • Energy saving power consumption only 2 W
  • Large surface area for filtering bacteria, for crystal clear, healthy water
  • Dimensions: 17x7x4 cm
  • Mains lead: 1,40 m


Art. no. 5921 9 W Nano Light for 10-15 l aquaria.

  • Fully adjustable attachable light for mini aquaria.
  • With integrated mirror finish reflector 100% light output than conventional lights without reflector, uniform illumination.
  • Fresh light aflood with vitality, just like at noon on a fine summer’s day
  • All life in the aquarium is revealed in the full glory of its natural colours. Colour rendition: excellent.
  • Outstanding growing light for aquarium plants.
  • With longlife technology: 10.000 lighting hours.

Technical data:
On off switch;
Cable length: 2 m;
AC 230 V /50 Hz;
For indoor use only.

Art. no. 5932 Nano Pflegeset

Nano Water Conditioner:
Special protection formula for shrimps and crabs. Rapid action.
Dosage: 2 drops to 1 litres of fresh water.

Nano Daily Fertilizer:

Complete daily fertilizer for magnificent plants in mini aquariums.
Dosage: 1 drop to 10 litres of aquarium water.

Nano Crusta fit:
Supplies all shrimps and crabs with essential vitamins, trace elements and vitals substances.
Dosage: 5 drops to 10 litres of aquarium water once a week.

Art. No. 5943 Nano Crusta Gran

Basic feed for shrimps and crabs. For a biologically diet, sinking feed pearls.
Water stable – no clouding effect.
Feeding recommendation: each day, as much as the animals eat within an hour.

  • Cod. art.5919 Nano Termometro. 
  • Cod. art. 5912 Nano deponit mix. 
  • Cod. art. 5913 Blak Sulawesi

Product range
Art. no. 5903 Nano Cube 10 l
Art. no. 5904 Nano Cube 20 l
Art. no. 5905 Nano Cube 30 l


Art. no. 5912 Nano DeponitMix special nutrient medium, l kg
Art. no. 5913 Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed, 2 kg, Sulawesi black
Art. no. 5914 Nano Shrimps Gravel Bed, 2 kg, Borneo brown
Art. no. 5919 Nano Thermrnini thermometer
Art. no. 5921 9 W Nano Light for 10-15 l aquaria
Art. no. 5922 11 W Nano Light far 15-30 l aquaria
Art. no. 5925 Nano corner filter
Art. no. 5929 Nano Daily Fertilizer
Art. no. 5930 Nano Water Conditioner
Art. no. 5931 Nano Crusta-Fit vitamins and trace elements

Guarantee conditions:

Guarantee period: 24 months
Please submit any guarantee claims to your dealer.
The guarantee covers manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee applies to the direct purchaser only. Defective parts will be replaced or repaired free of charge during the guarantee period, provided that the aquarium has been used only in the correct manner and far the intended purpose. Dennerle-shall accept no liability far glass breakage or damage caused by transportation, incorrect use, negligence, incorrect set-up or any subsequent modifications to the aquarium.

No claims shall be assertible in excess of the value of the aquarium, in particular for damage to fish or plants.


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