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Dennerle 5614 NANO Marinus Cube 30 Complete Plus - complete set for the preparation of a 30 liters nano marine aquarium

Dennerle 5614 NANO Marinus Cube 30 Complete Plus - complete set for the preparation of a 30 liters nano marine aquarium
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Dennerle 5614 NANO Marinus Cube 30 Complete Plus - complete set for the preparation of a 30 liters nano marine aquarium

General informations


Complete set for the preparation of a 30 liters nano marine aquarium

The kit consists of


  • 30 liters Nano pool
  • Base support
  • Cover panel
  • Black rear panel foil
  • Safety underlay
  • Nano Marinus ReefLight 24W
  • Nano Marinus Bio-Circulator 4in1
  • Nano ThermoConstant 25°C 50W
  • Nano Marinus Reef Sand 4kg
  • Nano Marinus ReefSalt 2kg
  • Nano Marinus Densimeter
  • Nano Marinus Reef Elements
  • Sample of CrustaGran Marinus
  • Sample of NanoGran Marinus
  • Sample of Nano Marinus CoralActive

Safety instructions:


  • The aquarium is suitable for indoor use only.
  • The aquarium must not be transported in filled state - risk of glass breakage (no guarantee coverage).
  • The aquarium may only be used with a foam underlay. Without a foam underlay there is a risk of the base pane cracking (no guarantee coverage).
  • Before reaching into the aquarium, always disconnect all items of equipment in and on the aquarium from the mains (filter, heating, lighting, etc.).
  • The mains cable of the light and all cables leading out of the aquarium must be provided with a drip loop to prevent any water which may run down the cables from reaching items of equipment or the mains socket outlet.
  • A light attached directly to the aquarium may only be operated in combination with a cover panel. The system is only to be connected to the mains when the light has been firmly fixed in position.
    Should the light fall into the aquarium by accident, remove the plug from the socket immediately! Never retrieve the lamp from the aquarium with your hands!


Scope of delivery (basic set) Aquarium in 5 mm glass with panoramic window


  • 3 mm glass cover panel
  • 2 curved + 4 straight plastic holders for the cover panel
  • (delivered in 2 parts: separate parts at breaking points provided)
  • Heat-insulating safety underlay (at the bottom of the packaging)
  • Black decorative foil


Choose an appropriate location for the aquarium. The location should be relatively dark, for example in the corner of a room. The aquarium should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Too much light will lead to unwanted algae formation and may harm the animals and plants in the aquarium as a result of overheating.
Remove all accessories from the aquarium. Rinse out aquarium with warm tap water - do not use any c1eaning agents! Stick the black decorative foil onto the rear of the aquarium from the outside. The black background brings out the colours of the animals and plants particularly effectively.
Place aquarium with safety underlay on a smooth, horizontal surface of adequate load-bearing capacity. Do not place the aquarium on electrical appliances or on furniture with surfaces which are liable to staining by water.

Please note the total weights of the set up aquaria filled with water:


Nano Cube 10 l = approx. 15 kg
Nano Cube 20 l = approx. 30 kg
Nano Cube 30 l = approx. 40 kg
Nano Cube 60 l = approx. 75 Kg

An aquarium with coral reef dwellers need not be a big, complicated and expensive affair. If you just observe a few basic principles regarding set-up, stocking and care and keep to the Dennerle Nano Marinus system, everything is very simple.

An old rule states that the larger a sea water aquarium is, the greater its ability to cope with stress and to maintain biological stability.
This does not mean that small aquaria are necessarily unstable, however.

On the contrary: With the right equipment and a well balanced stock of creatures, nano aquaria with a water volume of 30 to 60 litres can be run with long-term biological stability today.
While many creatures only feel at home in a large sea water aquarium, some tiny reef dwellers will thrive substantially better in a small aquarium. Most of these nano reef dwellers are fascinating in appearance and behaviour. In nature they lead extremely stationary lives, e.g. in or on a tiny den, and remain within a highly restricted terrain. In large aquaria they are barely visible and may well be eaten quickly by the fish. A Nano Cube is ideal for such creatures!

Nano opens up a totally new world - even for experienced sea water aquarium enthusiasts.

Basic requirements

  • Nano Marinus Cube
  • Base support (PVC, acrylic glass)
  • Flow pump
  • Heater
  • Lighting
  • Bed material
  • Thermometer
  • Sea salt
  • Densimeter
  • Trace elements
  • Feed for the various reef dwellers

The Dennerle Nano Cube Complete Plus set provides a perfectly coordinated system covering all these basic requirements.


  • Time switch
  • Long tweezers (preferably made of plastic)
  • Glass cleaner (magnetic or blade-type cleaner)
  • 1-2 litre measuring beaker with scale
  • Clean bucket
  • Starter bacteria

To date, sea water aquaria have been regarded with marked scepticism. They have been considered too complex and expensive, requiring complicated equipment and stocked with over-sensitive creatures. Dennerle has developed a whole new approach to the topic of nano-scale seascapes. It now offers a simple, perfectly coordinated system combining:

  • reliable operation
  • minimal care needs and
  • a low entry-level price.

This method enables immediate set-up of the Nano Cube. Experience shows that biological stability is ensured from the outset. You need the following from an up-and-running coral reef aquarium:

1. Biologically mature aquarium water and bed material
2. Living rocks: approx. 6 kg (Cube 30) / 8 kg (Cube 60)

This is how it's done.

Fit base support.
Fill aquarium with matured, uncleaned bed material up to a height of 2-3 cm.

Pour the mature sea water into the aquarium carefully over a plate, so

as to avoid swirling up the bed.

Install heater and flow pump.

Place living rocks and macro-algae in the aquarium.



Install lamp and cover panel and start up the system.
Lighting time:
1st week 8 h/day, from 2nd week 10 h/day




That's it for a start. In the following days you will be able to observe which small creatures have already found their way into your Nano Cube aquarium with the rocks. After a week, place the first small and robust soft corals in the aquarium. After the second week you can add other sea creatures, such as hermit crabs or shrimps.

The living bed, which is permeated with filtering bacteria and sediments and contains countless small marine creatures such as crabs and worms, will ensure that the desired biological balance is swiftly attained. In order to avoid removing these important small organisms, the bed mix should be rinsed only very carefully (if at all) in a little aquarium water before pouring it into the aquarium.
Sediments may cloud the aquarium water slightly at first. The water will clear in a matter of days, however.

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