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Dennerle 2742 Aquarico Element+ 50ml

Dennerle 2742 Aquarico Element+ 50ml
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Price: 6,39Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle 2742 Aquarico Element+ 50ml



Element+ supplies all fish in fresh water aquaria with precisely those vital minerals which are lacking in tap water or become depleted in aquaria. It contains ideal composition and concentrations of all physiologically relevant trace elements, such as iron, copper, zinc, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum and lithium, including iodine for healthy thyroid glands. Element+ also offers fish care and protection in the form of a well-balanced multivitamin complex. This complex activates the immune system and boots resistance to infection. In this way, Element+ creates ideal conditions for lively fish sporting brilliant colours.

Instruction and dosage:

Normal dosage:
For the regular replenishment of depleted trace elements, 2 pumps per 100l of aquarium water oce a week.

To produce aquarium water from osmosis water:
Option 1
Increase the hardness of the osmosis water with GH/KH+ in line with the needs of your fish. If necessary, the carbonate hardness can be further increased with KH+.

Element+ dosage: 4 pumps per 100l of osmosis water.
Option 2
Mineralise and increase hardness of water with Osmosis ReMineral+. This product already contains trace elements. Replenish depleted trace elements with Element+ once a week (normal dosage).

To apply dose, turn pump head in clockwise direction. Always close pump again after applying dose. Add Element+ to the aquarium at a spot where the water movement is good, e.g. near to the filter return line.

Special information:

Element+ is a special product for fish aquaria, e.g. for breeding and keeping soft water fish (Discus), for breeding aquaria, Malawi/Tanganiyka aquaria and for replenishing the trace element content in osmosis water.

For aquaria with plants, we recommended supplying the necessary trace elements by using S7 VitaMix as part of fertilization system.

In order to avoid possibile overdose of individual element trace, Element+ should not be used together with S7 VitaMix.

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