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Dennerle 2729 Aquarius FB7 Biactive Active Bacteria 100ml for 3200

Dennerle 2729 Aquarius FB7 Biactive Active Bacteria 100ml for 3200
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Price: 13,43Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Dennerle 2729 Aquarius FB7 Biactive Active Bacteria 100ml for 3200


DENNERLE FB7 concentrated BiActive is a mixed culture composed of high-efficiency street sweepers live bacteria selected. Act not just put in the aquarium where they begin the operations of decomposition of harmful substances.
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Little helpers with a strong action
Bacteria play a key role in the biological balance of an aquarium. These invisible helpers have the function to eliminate continually droppings and the remains of plants and fish food. Each species of bacterium has specialized in certain substances: in fact only the bacteria "right" ensure a safe and quick decomposition of waste matter typical of aquariums. A new aquarium filter clean or the material are almost sterile. Without active help it can take weeks before it develops a stable bacterial flora, with the consequent formation and proliferation of harmful substances that threaten the life of the aquarium, such as ammonia and nitrite. Tap water for domestic use can contain only a very low number of bacteria, which is why it is treated with chlorine from water systems. Aquarium fish, however, need water "alive".


The nitrifying bacteria remove harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite. The bacteria of decomposition of the sludge reduces the present mud on the seabed and the filter with the help of hydrolytic enzymes. Other species of bacteria bred specifically for aquariums eat the remains of plants and food, fish excrement and organic agents intorbidanti. FB7 BiActive profoundly enhances the self-cleaning ability of all freshwater aquariums. The optimization of the water reduces stress and fish live healthier and better. The water keeps longer than its transparency.

Scope and dosage:

Normal dosage For example, after a partial change of water or cleaning the filter to improve and stabilize water quality. 2 sprays per week (3 ml) per 100 liters of water. If demand increased 4 For example, after drug treatment in case of ammonia or nitrite content measured: 4 pumps (6 ml) per 100 liters of water. Maximum dose: 8 sprays per 100 liters of water.

To start new aquarium:

1st-3rd day: 4 sprays per day for 100 liters of water
4 th -10 th day: 2 sprays per day for 100 liters of water
In the fourth, seventh and fifteenth day must make a partial change of water equal to 30-50%. Treat tap water with DENNE always have!

Caution: just set up an aquarium is not completely immune, as we must first introduce and proliferate (even in the filter) bacteria scavengers. To avoid concentration of harmful substances (ammonia, nitrite) critical for the fish to be introduced slowly and some fish 'at a time.

Day Two: 2 fish alghivori per 100 liters of water, such as Crossocheilus siamensis el'Otocinclus vittatus. Food sparingly!
Day Seven: 5-10 small fish per 100 l. Food sparingly!
Twenty days from this moment you can introduce all the fish. elimentazione normal.


Shake the box with the drip spout upwards before use!
For dosing, turn the nozzle of the blower to the right. Replace the bulb always after use.
Pour FB7 BiActive in an aquarium where the water is better to move as close to the recirculation filter. May be a slight intorbimento water that disappears after a short time.
Special notes
FB7 BiActive can also be used after the expiration date. The possible reduction in effectiveness can be remedied with a higher dosage (up to 8 sprays / 100 l).
Sponge activities should remain in the bottle. Do not fill water bottles began.
• If you use Clearwater UV-C: let stand for at least 24 hours after application.
Important instructions
• Contains live bacteria! Do not store in a place with temperatures above 25 ° C. Protect from sunlight, from sources of heat and frost. Performance guaranteed at least until at Lot No-EXP.: See the bottom of the bottle.
• Product FB7 BiActive is classified as not harmful to humans, animals and the environment. However, evitareil contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children 

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