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Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special

Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special
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Available Options
Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special 2,5kgDeltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special 2,5kg
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
14,98Euro [TaxInc]
Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special 7,5kgDeltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special 7,5kg
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
28,91Euro [TaxInc]

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Enrichener of calcium and magnesium to calcium reactors

Aqua Crown Special Mix (Hy Carb Special) is a granulated calcium and magnesium, essential substances for the proper functioning of the aquarium and a luxuriant growth of invertebrates, mixed in the correct proportions.

Composed of granulated natural calcium, pure and free from phosphates (90%), and magnesium (10%) in relation to consumption in the aquarium (presence of hard corals, type of lighting, etc..) The result is a Ca / Mg ratio balanced 1:3,2.
If necessary, this ratio can be varied by using HyCarb HyMag and pure.

Ideal for use in fluidized bed reactors football (series Deltec PF).

Although not required, it is recommended to wash the material before use, to avoid the initial turbidity.

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Deltec Aqua Crown Hy Carb Special 
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