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JBL Cristal Profi ex Nitrat Pad e700/1, e900/1 - sponge to remove the nitrate

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Price: 13,86Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: JBL Cristal Profi ex Nitrat Pad e700/1, e900/1 - sponge to remove the nitrate


Filters JBL Compatible: Cristal Profi e700/1, e900/1


Instructions for use: 

The decomposition or mineralisation process of all organic material in the aquarium (left-over feed and plant waste, excretion from the fish) takes place via the following stages: protein-ammonium-nitrite-nitrate.

There should be no traces of ammonium and nitrite in an efficiently functioning biological filter system, the nitrate content should simply rise steadily. Nitrate is the final stage of mineralisation in an aquarium and is non-toxic for fish even in relatively high concentrations.

On the one hand nitrate serves as a nutrient for the plants, but on the other hand an excess of nitrate has adverse effects on plant growth and is detrimental to the health of some fish. Levels exceeding 50 mg/I may also promote the growth of undesirable algae. It is therefore important to ensure that levels remain below 50 mg/I. This can be easily checked using the JBL Nitrate Test Set NO3.

JBL NitratEx reduces unacceptably high nitrate levels trough ion exchange. 250 ml JBL NitratEx absorb up to 9000 mg nitrate within a few hours. That approximately corresponds to a 200 I aquarium (minus decoration etc. approx. 180 I) with 50 mg nitrate/I.

When the capacity has been exhausted, none of the nitrate is released back into the water. Simply regenerate JBL NitratEx with table salt and it is ready to be used once again.



Transfer the complete set into the empty filter basket, remove the plastic bag, fill the net bag provided with JBL NitratEx and put the filter basket back into the filter. Regenerate with cooking salt or replace when nitrate levels increase. If tests carried out with the JBL Nitrate Test Set indicate that the desired level has not been reached after two days, regenerate the material and use again.

We recommend that the nitrate content should not drop much below 10 mg/I to avoid the risk of toxic hydrogen sulphide forming. We do not recommend using peat filter material at the same time, as JBL NitratEx absorbs humic substances and other valuable ingredients found in peat.



JBL NitratEx cannot be used directly in saltwater aquariums. However, JBL NitratEx can be used to reduce any nitrate levels in tap water before the water is added to the saltwater aquarium.



Make a salt solution consisting of 100 g iodine-free salt and 1 I water in a plastic container. Place the net bag with JBL NitratEx in the solution for one to two days, moving it backwards and forwards frequently. Gently „kneading” the bag ensures that it is saturated with salt solution. Rinse the bag thoroughly in fresh water. The specified amount of salt solution is sufficient to regenerate a bag containing 250 ml JBL NitratEx. For more bags, increase the amount correspondingly.

The absorbtion capacity may drop after the material has been regenerated several times. In this case, fresh JBL NitratEx should be used. If regeneration is carried out carefully, the absorbtion capacity will remain high longer.



Do not use hot water to regenerate or rinse! Use cold tapwater only (max. 30° C)! After the first use, the product must not be allowed to dry out because it will lose its efficiency. When not in use, regenerate and store the moist product, e.g. in a tight-sealing plastic bag. Keep the product well protected from very low temperatures.



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