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Coral Shop
Coral Shop
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Coral Shop Cl- 1 liter

Coral Shop Cl- 1 liter
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Price: 32,82Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Coral Shop Cl- 1 liter


From a biological point of view, all the chemical elements, inorganic and organic matter that we can find in the waters of the seas working together. No component of this system synergies should be omitted. This is the reason why the team of Coral-shop works hard for the most reliable and perfect copy natural seawater in its daily maintenance of reef aquariums.

Test carried out by long-term continuous reef aquarium enthusiasts independent, help to show the right direction that has evolved Coral-shop, based on a philosophy of mimesis of natural sea water.

Coral-Shop - Protocol PROFI PLUS

The protocol, designed for aquariums barriers that host species demanding, is based on the integration of separate elements of organic and inorganic products through individual and high concentration. In this method there are no solutions more elements mixed, allowing the maximum level of control integration.
The prototcollo allows single and precise adjustment of the most important chemical parameters of sea water, complying with exactness the specific needs of each tank.


     Maximum control of the most important values ​​of seawater

     Best price / performance ratio thanks to the high concentration of products

     All products can be used with dosing pumps

     All products are fully compatible with other protocols (Marine Line and Platinum Reef)

     Fits in tanks with and without calcium reactor


     Requires a good level of competence in the management of a reef

     The products should not be determined concurrently

     In the long term there may be an excessive accumulation of NaCl (common salt)



Supplement of sodium chloride for pools with low chlorinity. Sodium chloride in aqueous solution.

What chlorinity?

The chlorinity is the mass (g) of the chloride ions (Cl-), bromide (Br-) and iodide (I-) (converted to chlorides) that can be precipitated by the cation of Silver (Ag +), according to this definition the chlorinity is expressed in g / kg, or can also be expressed in g / l at a given temperature and pressure.
Through the Chlorinity determine the salinity of the water.
And 'possible to correlate empirically the values ​​of salinity, density and chlorinity. In the practice of management of a reef, the correlation is more important between chlorinity and density, see table below which refers to a temperature of 25 ° C



In the case of salt water the composition of which corresponds to seawater natural (especially as regards NaCl), its density at 25 ° C can be directly found in the table starting from a given value of chlorinity. The determination of chlorinity, serves in these cases for the direct reading of the density (salinity).
If this control is the way to proceed:

     Measure the most very extensively as possible the density of the sample (preferably using a refractometer high quality) at a temperature of 25 ° C. The result will give the actual density of the sample.
     Determine the chlorinity of the sample by testing the chlorinity (we recommend the use of the test Coral-Shop Chlorinity). Through this measurement will be possible to find the theoretical density of the sample in the table.

At this point, two situations may occur that indicate a problem:
   1) The true density and the theoretical sample differ by a 10% (2 lines of the table) or more
   2) The actual density and the theoretical one of the sample do not differ, but are considerably higher or lower (again + / - 10%) of the expected figure, corresponding for example, at a dose of sea salt in preparing the sea water or to the parameters applied in the method Balling

Content of active substance:

Cl-: 100g (100g / l)


Dose in an area with strong water movement.

Always use the test Coral-Shop Chlorinity to determine the precise dosage.

Store at room temperature.


May cause irritation to skin and eyes

Keep out of the reach of children and pets!

The use of this product is intended only for animals of marine aquariums and not for human consumption.

Keep tightly closed.

For animals not intended for human consumption.

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