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Coral Shop
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Coral Shop Growth & Colour Booster 1 liter

Coral Shop Growth & Colour Booster 1 liter
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Price: 44,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Coral Shop Growth & Colour Booster 1 liter


From a biological point of view, all the chemical elements, inorganic and organic matter that we can find in the waters of the seas working together. No component of this system synergies should be omitted. This is the reason why the team of Coral-shop works hard for the most reliable and perfect copy natural seawater in its daily maintenance of reef aquariums.

Test carried out by long-term continuous reef aquarium enthusiasts independent, help to show the right direction that has evolved Coral-shop, based on a philosophy of mimesis of natural sea water.

Coral-Shop - Protocol PLATINUM REEF

Innovative new products. The line of products PLATINUM REEF Coral-shop emphasizes above all the ease of use, but also the cost and savings. The protocol PLATINUM REEF has been designed for people who are for the first time to the management of a reef aquarium, but not only.

The integration of all organic and inorganic compounds important intermediate populated in the tanks is achieved by using only 3 supplements without any need for a reactor Football.


Complete management of the marine aquarium with only 3 products
Designed with ease of use in mind and your budget
Dosage uniform and simultaneous
If necessary, it can be integrated according to the needs with products from the PROFI PLUS MARINE LINE.
No risk of excess of sodium chloride (NaCl)
Usable in both the presence and absence of a reactor Football.


Densely populated aquariums with corals and other invertebrates require greater quantities of certain micro-nutrients and trace elements that can be individually and replenish as needed with the corresponding formulas of the line PROFI PLUS Coral-Shop (Sr, B, K, I, etc.). .

Since the supplements of calcium and magnesium are in the form of suspensions slowly soluble

can not be used with the common dosing pumps
for a short period can cause a milky turbidity of the water.

Since it is necessary to avoid the deposition of solid particles on the surface of corals and other invertebrates on the body, dispense the product in places with strong water movement, or better yet, in the sump.

Growth & Colour BOOSTER is a supplement that contributes to exceptional health, growth and a natural coloration of corals mainly, but also other marine organisms, quickly and naturally. Although originally designed to only belong to the line PLATINUM REEF is a product of essentially separate, widely compatible (see the section below "Compatibility").

Superb blend of 64 components to achieve healthy marine organisms, with rapid growth and a natural color.

The product contains 24 trace elements, 6 noble metals, 3 vitamins, carbohydrates 8, 21 amino acids and their derivatives + 2 compounds of complex acids.

The uniqueness of this product lies in the fact that the inorganic trace elements are present in the form of organic complexes just as in oceanic environments. This maximizes the bioavailability of these trace elements for marine organisms.


Pour into an area with strong water movement (even better in sump) 20ml of product per 100 liters of aquarium water. Perform a measurement of the organic substance with the test CS Organics. It is recommended not to exceed the prescribed dose or, in the case of overdose, may develop undesirable algae and cyanobacteria.

Can safely be used with conventional dosing pumps.


The composition of Growth & Colour BOOSTER is not identical to the combination of supplements SOL SOL Sun + TRACE (if you wanted to use it in the protocol of MARINE LINE) or the sum of the products of the Protocol PROFI PLUS Trace Elements CoraCold PP + PP + all supplements CS CoraDOM (Vitamins, Carbo H, A Amino, Fatty Poly A + A). The difference is in the absolute concentration and in the rates of concentration of the complexes acids, but also in the type of method employed for the production of the product.

Nevertheless, Growth & Colour BOOSTER is fully compatible with other protocols Coral-Shop, which allows him, in case of need, to reintegrate the trace elements and the dissolved organic matter (DOM) in place of similar products belonging to the other two protocols .

This means that you can use protocol MARINE LINE: SOL Mg-Sr-I + G + B Growth & Colour Booster instead SOL Mg-Sr-I + G + B + SOL SOL Trace Sun

In Protocol PROFI PLUS, instead, integrators base (Ca + Mg + KH Buffer + Sr + B + I + K) you can add the Growth & Colour Booster instead (albeit in a non-identical, as specified above), in place of Trace Elements PP, PP CoraGold, CoraDOM Vitamins, CoraDOM Carbo H, A Amino CoraDOM, CoraDOM Poly A.

In all protocols and in any case of use of the Growth & Colour BOOSTER, the parallel use of products "relatives" is still possible. A typical example (whatever the chosen protocol) it is the use of Growth & Colour BOOSTER simultaneously with the administration of amino acids (Amino CoraDOM A), vitamins (Vitamins CoraDOM) and, for example, Iodine (I Profi Plus) and strontium ( Sr Profi Plus). This and other similar combinations are often used in marine tanks densely populated with hard corals.


Store in a cool, dark place (ideal temperature range of 5-15 ° C). Do not use in freshwater aquariums.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Keep the bottle tightly closed. Only use on animals aquarium is not intended for human consumption.

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