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Caribsea - Phos-Buster Pro 473ml

Caribsea - Phos-Buster Pro 473ml
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Price: 38,65Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Caribsea - Phos-Buster Pro 473ml - removes dissolved phosphates in minutes instead of days



Phos-Buster Pro’s unique patent pending formula. Safe for all reef tanks, saltwater, and freshwater aquariums of all sorts. Each 8 oz. bottle removes at least 1.5 ppm in up to 250 gallons of water! No more fiddling with filter bags, or special reactors; just dose it and forget about your phosphate problem. Phos-Buster Pro may be used regularly as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Customer Reviews 

Add 1 capful (5ml) of Phos-Buster per 5 gallons of aquarium water (1 ml per gallon). Place in the sump, near a powerhead outlet, or any high flow area of the system for rapid dispersal. Some temporary cloudiness will appear.

Desired results should be achieved within 72 hours depending upon level of phosphates in the system. Keep all filters running during this time period then rinse or replace filter media. Retest water for phosphates and repeat treatment as needed. Each treatment will remove 1.5ppm of phosphate from aquarium water. Phos-Buster may be used monthly as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Important: For Saltwater Aquariums, Carbonate Hardness Must Be 3.5 meq/l (6-7 dkh) or Higher To Use This Product.


Use Buffer To Correct

Caution: NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! Keep out of reach of children!


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Caribsea - Phos-Buster Pro 473ml 
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