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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics X-port Bio 150gr

Brightwell Aquatics X-port Bio 150gr
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Price: 19,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Brightwell Aquatics X-port Bio 150gr


Use Technology NanoIntelex to create an advanced material, characterized by a large surface colonizzabile benefits by nitrifying bacteria, in this way it promotes rapid conversion of ammonia to nitrite and nitrate.
The open structure and the large surface area increase the permeability and the efficiency and make the media for biological filtration more effective on the market The superior efficiency compared to conventional media is expressed in a smaller dose needed to obtain the same degree of nitrification. It can be used to decrease rapidly ammonia and nitrite systems in densely populated.
Eliminates the need to perform water changes made for the express purpose of decreasing the concentration of nitrates in the aquarium. It can be used in combination with Xport-NO3 and Xport-PO4
Instructions and Guidelines
The use of a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate matter from the water before its interaction with the product increases its efficiency.
Rinse Xport-Bio in osmotic water, then place the product in a clean container filled with water from the tank you will want to use it.
United for every 150 g of Bio-Xport used 20 ml of MicroBacter7 (put into the container), leave the product in this "bath" 24 hours at room temperature. Remove Xport-NO3 from the container and pour the water into the aquarium, then put Xport-Bio in an external filter, in an internal filter, or in a sock filter with a mesh size 800μm; we recommend a water flow per hour equal to 1-3 times the volume of the aquarium. Do not use a fluidized bed filter.
Once or twice a month, when you make the water change, remove about 33% of the total Xport-Bio used, and rinse the product in a container of water removed from the aquarium, the water and then reintroducete the media in the tank.
After rinsing the medium, to fortify the effect, paid, in an area with a high flow of water, 1 ml of MicroBacter7 every 76 liters of water in the system.
Xport-BIO is not a medium for chemical filtration, it must be populated by bacteria adapted in order to start the process of nitrification;
Entering Xport-BIO in a well established aquarium will give life to nitrificazione.Comunque slowly, measuring MicroBacter7 as suggested, you will decrease significantly the time to establish a nitrification process and you will get faster results.
In all tanks started with a dose of 150 g Xport-BIO every 1.136 liters of water in the system. The nitrification will begin in a day and the speed of the process will increase with time and with the increase of the concentration of nitrogenous components in the tank (generally will be at the top in 2 weeks)
If plants or invertebrates zooxanthellate seem to react negatively to the use of Xport-BIO probably the nitrogenous components were removed too aggressively, or you can use NeoNitro FlorinGro to make components nitrogen and nitrates, and nurture, if necessary, the coral with food suitable.
Pay attention to the fact that the required dosage of Xport-BIO may vary depending on the level of maturation of the tank and of the changes in the total biomass.
Systems with high levels of nutrients may require a greater dosage of Xport-BIO for the same volume of water, this can be inferred from the persistent presence of ammonia irrespective of dosage of Microbacter7.

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