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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics NeoMag 1Kg (Basic Magnesium highly pure)

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Price: 22,39Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Brightwell Aquatics NeoMag 1Kg (Basic Magnesium highly pure)

Classification: Source concentrated Magnesium
Physical State: Solid
Available Sizes:
1 Kg


  • Material based pure magnesium that can be used in calcium reactors traditional shuffled to the substrate or existing aquarium to increase and maintain the concentration of magnesium in the system
  • Make magnesium, which helps to regulate the balance between calcium and carbonates.
  • It 'also a component of Aragon, the mineral secreted by animals ermatipici to form the skeletal material
  • Made from magnesium, calcium and carbonate
  • Optimal average particle size for use in reactors or filters post football.
  • Does not contain sulfates and chlorides.
  • Extract the U.S.


Technical information:

Magnesium plays a vital role in reef aquariums by helping to keep the concentrations of calcium and carbonates (which make up the majority alkalinity measurable) limiting unwanted inorganic precipitation. In the absence of a sufficient concentration of magnesium ions, calcium ions and carbonates bind rapidly depleted their concentration in the system and creating the false impression that we need a 'massive integration more to arrive at desired concentrations.
No matter how calcium is added, its natural concentration of 412 ppm in sea water can never be maintained until the concentration of magnesium does not begin to approach aa 1290 ppm.
A dose of football will give immediate and positive results if carried out after achievement of balance between calcium and magnesium.

Maintaining the magnesium in a range of between 1.290-1.320 ppm will result in the desired balance and bring sufficient evidence to enable ermatipici to produce aragonite.
NēoMag is a mineral of high purity. E 'primarily Abiogen format (through a series of geochemical processes) in contrast to what occurs in living organisms (like corals and other organisms typical Erma).
13% of the weight of NēoMag is made from magnesium, in aragonite only 0.10%. Neomag elective is a source of magnesium for reef aquariums, particularly those that require frequent integration of the drug.
The best use is in a reactor in the proportion of calcium ~ 9:1 aragonite: NēoMag. NēoMag can also be used in reactors postfilter calcium to help to eliminate CO2 free, which did not react with aragonite, thus also reduces the tendency towards lower values of pH and increases the speed of dissolution of the media.

Instructions and guidelines:

Rinse the material in fresh or salt water before inserting into the system. Use of calcium in the reactor at the rate of ca. 9:1 aragonite: NēoMag. Flow the amount of water that passes into the reactor and the value of ph 's it will have a major impact on the speed of the average dissolve Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your calcium reactor to calibrate the flow of water and the amount of CO2. While used NēoMag tested concentrations kh, calcium and magnesium from 2 to 4 times a month, to ensure that the parameters are in the desired range.

The biomass of corals and other organisms Erma typical aquarium inside a barrier increases with the passage of time, so the demand for calcium, magnesium and carbonates increases accordingly, in which case the frequency of changes NēoMag increase.

Each reef aquarium needs magnesium in a unique and distinctive and it is possible that the demand for magnesium in one aquarium, more than the amount released from NēoMag. Moreover, often mixtures of sea salt are poor in magnesium, and this creates an immediate problem for the aquarium.

In such cases it may be a need for further integration of magnesium (with Brightwell Aquatics Magnesion or Magnesion-P) to restore a high concentration of magnesium is similar to that of seawater (~ 1.290 - 1.320 ppm), upon reaching this concentration, NēoMag manage to keep it in the desired range (if the director of football working properly). Another option is to add a second reactor of calcium in order to use a more NēoMag.
egardless  the method used, it is recommended that the proportion of aragonite: NēoMag superi7: 1, the risk is that the alkalinity in aquariums exceed desired levels.




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