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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics MaxAmino 125ml

Brightwell Aquatics MaxAmino 125ml
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Price: 10,69Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Brightwell Aquatics MaxAmino 125ml

Unique complex of 20 free form amino acids , the amino acids are in the same proportions in which they are present in the tissues of fish.
Healthy for all marine fish, freshwater and brackish water.
The amino acids in free form : 1.Esaltano bright colors .
2.Apportano the building blocks of protein in ideal proportions to encourage the formation of new tissue , increasing the pace of growth.
3 . Encourage the growth of new tissue , to help the healing of wounds caused by fighting between rival or fish during the reproductive period .
Increase the concentration of proteins in the food.
Have an effect appetisers which encourages the fish more timid and lacking appetite to eat and accept different foods.
Formulated on the basis of a research protocol relating to tissue contours of the various fish, drafted by ichthyologists .
It is not necessary to store it in the refrigerator.
Formulated by a marine scientist .
Technical information:
Amino acids are the components of proteins , and the proportions in which they are present depend on the different types of tissue in organisms. The proteins are involved in all cellular processes .
Amino acids play a large number of essential roles , both direct and indirect, in all biological processes . Regulate the use of proteins, indirectly affect neurological functions , are involved in the formation of pigments that give organizations a specific color , and so on. In short , they are crucial for the existence of every creature. The absence of any amino acid in the diet of an organism , it can have a negative impact that limits or " throttle " the biological processes . All this can cause illness or even death , and obviously should be avoided . Many organisms can not synthesize biochemically some particular amino acids, and need to take them with food. The advantage of MaxAmino is to be exactly formulated to make the 20 standard amino acids in the exact proportion in which are found in the tissue of the fish and in a form quickly absorbed by the dry food or frozen. For this , first of all MaxAmino is designed as supplement to soak the food and enrich the nutritional properties . Increase the percentage of protein in the food of 10 mg per ml dosed. Moreover, the addition of MaxAmino to food enhances the flavor , making it more appealing . MaxAmino not require refrigeration , it is advisable to keep it in a cool place and away from light .
Instructions and Guidelines :
Shake well before use . Take the required amount of food and put it into a clean container , such as, for example , a small cup . If you are administering food frozen , rinsed with tap water or reverse osmosis water , until it melts . At this point, place it in the container. Add MaxAmino drip, drenching the food, but not mettetene more than what can be absorbed . In other words, do not measure a cup of supplement with a pinch of food, to be administered immediately all in the tank. Let stand for 2-5 to allow MaxAmino to be absorbed by the food at this point pour it in a moderate flow , away from the pumps . Throw away any surplus MaxAmino remained in the container. You will notice that the food soaked has a tendency to be consumed more quickly by the fish , this is due to the fact that it is more soft and at room temperature. The food left to soak for longer than 5 minutes is spread more easily in the tank, this will benefit especially species that consume smaller bits of food . In the first four weeks , do not add more than 5 ml per 200 liters of water. Starting with a low dose will allow the filtration system to adapt to the increase of the organic load , avoiding the deterioration of water quality . Some aquarists prefer to administer MaxAmino at every meal , other once a day , or even less frequently. MaxAmino not contain phosphate free , however, is based on amino acids , precursors of proteins , and therefore contributes to increase the concentration of organic material in the tank. Used, therefore , the product as indicated decrease the dosage if you notice an increase in cyanobacteria or algae. Do not give the product directly into the tank.
Keep out of the reach of children! Not for human use
Guaranteed chemical analysis :
Moisture ( max) 99.00% , crude protein (min ) 1.00 % , crude fat (min ) 0% , crude fiber (min ) 0%
Purified Water, brvettato complex of free form amino acids .
Directions : Freshwater aquariums and marine
Classification : Complex of Amino Acids in free form for the enrichment of feeding fish .
Physical State: Liquid
Available Sizes: 125 - ml, 250 - ml

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