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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics Katalyst 300gr

Brightwell Aquatics Katalyst 300gr
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Price: 52,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Brightwell Aquatics Katalyst 300gr  


Bioactive filter media , provides an ideal substrate for colonization by bacteria responsible for the neutralization of nitrates and phosphates, guarantees them a suitable source of organic carbon .
Helps decrease latent organic material and as a result of the concentration of nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium , simplifying and significantly improving the control of nutrients than methods based solely on the use of vodka or other solutions containing alcohol / sugar. • Must be used with MicroBacter7 and / or as part of a method of conducting the aquarium based on nutrient levels low. • Improves water clarity through remineralization of dissolved organic compounds present in the system . • Safe for use in all freshwater and marine aquariums including reef aquariums .
General Information
In all aquaria , it is advisable to keep a stable balance of nutrients in which the rate of consumption of nutrients is not exceeded by that of nutrient inputs, and vice versa;
chemical conditions in adequate physical imbalance of the first factor leading to the proliferation of harmful organisms such as algae and cyanobacteria as a reduced supply of nutrients creates malnutrition aquarium inhabitants .
The nutrients that are of concern to aquarists are nitrate and phosphate , both require active removal and / or remineralization aquatic habitat to ensure that this does not exceed the values ​​considered safe for organisms in the tank.
Katalyst provides a static surface for colonization of beneficial bacteria , at the same time gives them a source of organic carbon , which is necessary for the assimilation of nitrogen compounds and phosphorus ( respectively included nitrates and phosphates ) .
In this way, Katalyst improves the efficiency of assimilation of nutrients compared to systems using only live rock , live sand and / or inert plastic material as a substrate for microbial colonization . The colonization of Katalyst with appropriate mineralizing microorganisms , such as those contained in MicrōBacter7 , serves to deplete existing concentrations of dissolved organic matter in the aquarium.
The ultimate goal of this system is to maintain a balance between the rate of nutrient introduced in the tank and the rate of those consumed , this balance is different for each tank and takes time to onset .
The reward for investing the time required to achieve this balance is a very good water quality .
Instructions and Guidelines
Katalyst should be placed in a fluidized bed filter or a filter media with the possibility to control the flow of water through the media and with a pre filter that prevents the particulate material entering the reaction chamber .
A moderate flow of water will prevent the latent organic material to accumulate on the media and improve the overall results.
The concentration of dissolved oxygen and / or pH may temporarily decrease when you add new media. Make sure that the water is adequate ventilation when using Katalyst , monitor and correct the pH if necessary. In marine aquaria always keep in business the skimmer to ensure adequate oxygenation and degassing .
Systems with [ NO3 -] and / or [ PO43 -] <5 ppm to 0.02 ppm:
used ~ 1 g of Katalyst every 8 liters of water in the system. Add 1 ml of each day MicrōBacter7 every 80 liters of water in the system for the first 4 weeks to "seed " Katalyst .
In systems with high concentrations of these nutrients
used up to twice the doses mentioned respectively Katalyst and MicrōBacter7 . You'll have to wait at least 4 weeks for the media to become adequately colonized before you notice significant changes in the concentration of nutrients.
When these concentrations fall below the target defined by you decrease the daily dosage of MicrōBacter7 . Integrated Katalyst if necessary to counter the gradual dissolution of the material ( in months ) that is the result of the consumption by the bacteria .
The rate of deterioration of the media is related to the nutrient load in the system: the higher the rate of nutrients introduced more quickly the media will be consumed by microorganisms .

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