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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics Florin-Fe 125ml (Iron in Ferrous form Fe2 + and Ferric form Fe3+)

Brightwell Aquatics Florin-Fe 125ml (Iron in Ferrous form Fe2 + and Ferric form Fe3+)
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Price: 6,05Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product:  Brightwell Aquatics Florin-Fe 125ml (Iron in Ferrous form Fe2 + and Ferric form Fe3+)

Classification: Source of iron in a bioavailable ferrous and ferric
Physical state: Liquid solution
Available Sizes: 125-ml, 250-ml, 500-ml


Iron is an essential element for plants, both aquatic and terrestrial. It is used for the production of chlorophyll and is an activator of certain enzymes that take part in various metabolic reactions. Does all this, even if present in small concentrations. Iron is considered a micronutrient, and, often, is the lack of this element that limits plant growth in some aquatic habitats.

This is demonstrated by observing the increase in plant growth when integrated into systems where the iron was not previously measurable. Although this increased growth is desirable, it is advisable to exceed the recommended concentration of iron, in this case is not unusual proliferation of algae.

This phenomenon is observed, especially in aquariums with excessive concentrations of nitrate and phosphate. As already mentioned, iron is also necessary for the production of chlorophyll. A lack of iron can be noticed with a glance from an aquarium specialist.

The leaves are yellow or even transparent in the advanced stages, the leaves crumble with the stream of water. Although this phenomenon can be attributed to chemical or environmental factors, is often the result of iron deficiency (remember that K, Mg, and N are important).

Brightwell Aquatics Florin-Fe Iron brings in two phases: immediate-release and slow. This mode binds to natural biological and photochemical processes occurring in each aquarium, and results in achieving a stable iron concentration difficult to achieve with other products. Is advisable to give the iron every day, so maintaining a stable concentration, allowing the gradual assimilation of this element by plants.

Also, dosing in this way, it minimizes the risk of algal blooms, can, however, when a "megadoses" of iron is given to the system all at once. The daily dosage allows aquarists to witness the changes that occur, and allow them to increase or decrease the dosage depending on the conditions observed.

General Specifications:

  • Make a source of iron in both ferrous form (Fe2 +) to ferric (Fe3 +) to optimize the benefits to the aquarium plants.       
  • It's a two-stage approach to the integration of iron that is to have two ingredients, one that makes the iron immediately available, one that releases it slowly during the light cycle, while the aquarium is illuminated.       
  • Is 50% more powerful than competing products.       
  • Formulated using extensive research on the need for nutrients by aquatic plants.

Instructions and Guidelines:

 Shake the product before use. The most effective method of using any additive ion-specific, is to determine the concentration of that particular ion in the aquarium, before being implemented.

Normal:  Given 5 ml of product per 200 liters of water every day or when needed. This corresponds to 1 ml (~ 8 drops) per 40 liters. When used in this way, 250 ml treats up to 10,000 liters. The range of fluctuation of the iron must be between 0:05 to 0:10 ppm.
Advanced: Before integration, determine the concentration of iron in the aquarium using an accurate test. Each ml of Florin-Fe will increase the total concentration of iron ([Fe2 + / 3 +]) in 4 liters of water of 3.2 ppm. Every drop will increase the [Fe2 + / 3 +] in 4 liters of water of 0.4 ppm, and [Fe2 + / 3 +] in 80 liters of 0.02 ppm. The range of fluctuation of the iron must be between 0:05 to 0:10 ppm. It's must ensure that the concentration of phosphate in an aquarium in which it must be administered iron does not exceed 0.05 ppm.

If the [Fe2 + / 3 +] initial aquarium is less than 0.05 ppm, administered every day, the item in maximum dose of 1 ml per 40 liters of water until the desired concentration will not be achieved. At this point dosed weekly or as needed. To determine the daily maintenance dose of [Fe2 + / 3 +] measured the daily consumption of [Fe2 + / 3 +], at the same time each day for one to two weeks. Calculate the volume of water the whole system. Divide the consumption of [Fe2 + / 3 +] to 3.2, multiply that value by the volume of water in the system and get the dosage necessary to maintain a stable [Fe2 + / 3 +].

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use.
Ingredients: Iron (Fe) (min) 1.20% (355 mg / oz., 12.000 ppm).

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