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Brightwell Aquatics
Brightwell Aquatics
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Brightwell Aquatics Florin P 250ml

Brightwell Aquatics Florin P 250ml
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Price: 9,08Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Brightwell Aquatics Florin P 250ml



Concentrated source of inorganic phosphorus for use in plantacquari .

Formulated on the basis of extensive research on the nutrient requirements of aquatic plants.

Technical background

Of the three or more "macro" plant nutrients , phosphorus is required in less quantity . In some aquatic environments with little organic material , the resulting low concentration of phosphorus may limit the ability of plants to obtain and utilize the nutrients available in the environment , leading to a slow growth or stunted . Even in environments which seem perfect for running and physical and chemical conditions (eg . Intense light , pH and temperature range suitable , adequate presence of inorganic carbon , nitrogen filling, potassium and trace elements ), you will not get a rapid and luxuriant growth of plants without adequate presence of phosphorus . One could say that the phosphorus is the key to unlock the potential for use of nutrients by plants , and the resulting their growth , in this type of environments . Consequently , an excessive presence of phosphorus in aquatic environments described , may lead to rapid algal growth . In general , to maintain a ratio of about 10-20 parts of nitrogen to 1 part of phosphorus , will tend to lead to a rapid growth of plants , without encouraging the growth of algae , and when the ratio N : P decreases (ie, increases the amount of phosphorus for each unit of nitrogen , or , more simply , the concentration of phosphorus in the water begins to increase with respect to the concentration of nitrogen) , it is not unusual that the algal growth becomes very rapid. Note that the environment described above was found in densely planted aquariums that are home to a few fish and / or motile invertebrates such as shrimp .

Florin -P provides a form of Phosphorus appropriate and high purity for plantacquari . When using a supplement of phosphorus , it is imperative to avoid an overdose , signs of excess phosphorus become familiar to an aquarium . The goal should be sustained growth, manageable plants in health , understanding that growth rates can vary among species and (sometimes) within them as a result of different physical factors such as light intensity , the position in the shadow, the flow of water that will not be univorme through the entire aquarium . Phenolic compounds released from higher plants can increase in amount in plantacquari mature , and this helps to keep the algae under control through natural methods. Make sure that the ratio N : P is maintained discussed before , will help to maintain healthy plants in the aquarium , although each system has different needs in terms of Phosphorus and Nitrogen . The dosage of Florin -P and a supplement of nitrogen , such as FlorinGro , should be regulated by the aquarist according to the needs of the plants.

Instructions and Guidelines

Read instructions completely and technical background before the first use . Use an accurate test to determine the need for phosphate phosphate system before administering Florin -P in a mature aquarium . Do not overdose . Do not use indiscriminately , which could lead to excessive algal growth in most mature and well-lit aquariums .

During the first 4-6 weeks of use, start with one drop of each P - Florin 75.7 liters ( 20 gallons) of water a day and adjust the dosage as needed as a result of phosphorus that the system requires .

A drop ( ~ 00:05 ml ) dosed in 3,785 liters of water ( 1 gallon ) will increase the total concentration of phosphorus of about ~ 0:02 ppm , equivalent to an increase of ~ 0:06 ppm of phosphate . One ml of P - Florin administered in 3,785 liters of water will increase the total phosphorus of ~ 0:40 ppm , equivalent to an increase of ~ 1:23 ppm of phosphate .

Regardless of the rate and method of dosing , monitoring the aquarium to notice signs of unwanted algae growth during the first few weeks of using a supplement of phosphorus and adjust the dosage according to what happens . The daily dosage will usually give the best results compared to doses less frequent , thanks to the relative stability of the concentration of phosphorus that this entails.

Florin - P is not a significant source of Potassium .

Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for human use.

Guaranteed Analysis

0-0.35-0 , total phosphate (P2O5) (min ) 0.347 %

Source of nutrients : potassium diphosphate

Other Ingredients : Purified Water .

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