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Borneo Wild
Borneo Wild
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Borneo Wild Enlive 100gr

Borneo Wild Enlive 100gr
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Price: 27,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Borneo Wild Enlive 100gr



BORNEOWILD ENLIVE is a multi-purpose culture of more than 100 types of bacterial in dormant state.

In a new tank set up, it helps to seed the bacterial culture safely and quickly in substrate system as well as in new filters when dosed into water directly. It replenishes bacterial loses after a regular water change, purifies water by decomposing ammonia and nitrite.

For best effect, turn on aeration for 2-3 hours when using Enlive.

Features: - Matures a new soil system when used as substrate additive - Replenishes bacterial lost safely after water change - Activates intestinal bacteria in shrimps and fishes bodies when consumed.



- For setting up as substrate additive, spread 6 spoon for a 60x45cm tank.

For replenishing bacterial lose after water change, mix 1 spoon of ENLIVE in a mug of tank water for every 200L water.

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