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Borneo Wild
Borneo Wild
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Borneo Wild Balance 100gr

Borneo Wild Balance 100gr
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Price: 19,91Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Borneo Wild Balance 100gr



BALANCE is an additive of the substrate containing Tourmaline and more than 60 other types of trace elements and compounds.

Improves the environment in the substrate, promotes beneficial activities of the bacteria and at the same time mineralizes the substrate.
Once added directly into the water, Balance provides minerals and trace elements and is also able to eliminate the nitrogen compounds, glycerine, organic carbon, free radicals and heavy metals.

It also improves the health and growth of organisms.

Benefits and features:

Provides essential minerals to the substrate

Promotes bacterial activity in the substrate, in 'water and in the filtering system

Improves water quality by removing toxins such as heavy metals and free radicals

Method of use:


BALANCE applied uniformly in the layer at the base of the aquarium before filling with the ground

Use one box for an aquarium of about 90 cm


Add about 5 g. per 100 liters of water weekly

Mix well with the aquarium water before applying the product

You will notice that the water will become cloudy at first, but turns to a clear and clear in a few hours

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